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Vegas Wedding Planning begins....

Hi Ladies


Any reviews; the good, the bad & the ugly appreciated!!


We have booked our flights from the UK, hotel (Tower Spa Suite at the MGM Grand) and honeymoon (Orlando) for September 2015.  I am now looking at wedding chapels / entertainment options online.  There are so many places its hard to keep track!  At the moment my fave option for a Chapel is Chapel of the Flowers...does anybody have any experience of having had their wedding there?    There will only be a small amount of us travelling (us 2 and perhaps 4 other guests) so we are not looking for anything too big/fancy.   Also, not sure whether to do our own hair / make up or hire one of the "glam squads" for me & my mum.  For the guys, any suggestions on suit hire?  We were going to buy suits but I see a lot on people online seem to hire suits once they get to Vegas, although some say the quality isn't that great.....


Again, any feedback or reviews would be helpful :D

Re: Vegas Wedding Planning begins....

  • My fiance is bringing his tux, and I'm flying with my dress.  I'm getting makeup by Bri.  My wedding is in December, so I'll have reviews posted probably the first week of January.
  • can I ask where you are planning to have your wedding?
  • We are going to have about 20 guests, so we are doing an in-suite ceremony in one of the Aria sky suites.  

    Where you choose really depends on what type of vibe you want (and your budget).  If we had an unlimited budget, we probably would have opted for a ceremony and reception at Bouchon or Joel Robuchon (we like to eat and be fancy).  
  • Congratulations!! We are also travelling from the UK and are going to Orlando for our honeymoon after Vegas but in October! :) We have booked Chapel Of The Flowers too who have been so easy to work with so far and their website is really easy to navigate. I think watching a few weddings through their website helped us confirm our choice, I definitely recommend doing that if you haven't already!

    I found a few Facebook pages of makeup artists and looked at their before and after pictures. I was originally planning on doing my own makeup but I worry that it would melt in the heat ha. I'd rather just pay for somebody who really knows the climate and not worry about it on the day! It's a big decision though because I know we can't afford to go and scout anything out. This website has been amazing so far in helping with decisions.

    What kind of budget are you working to? Whats your plan for after the wedding?
  • @MishMashPotato  Congratulations!!


    I am not offically engaged my ring at the weekend so my boyf now has it to 'surprise' me around christmas time lol  we wanted to start planning ahead a little bit to get flights/hotels etc booked to give us a little more time to save.  Like you we have managed to book a great deal through Virgin.  We are spending 4 nights in Vegas and then 10 nights in Orlando. 


    Did you book Chapel of the Flowers through Virgin as well?  I do have their wedding brochure & see it is in there but I dont know if it would be just as easy to book that part myself as the COF website is really easy to nagivate for their packages & dates available.   I actually only realised they have wedding videos on there last night so I have watched a few...I bet the couples never imagined somebody from Scotland would be watching their ceremony!

  • @MishMashPotato We dont actuay have a set budget...we dont want anything fancy - we would rather spend the money on doing 'fun' stuff when we are away rather than spending a fortune on a ceremony/meals etc!  I have actually just started to look for something to do after the wedding.  We havent got confirmed numbers of who else will be travelling with us (as nobody else knows yet until xmas) except for my parents. So it has to be something parent friendly!  I do really like the idea of doing a strip tour in a Limo.  The boyf wants to go drinkng afterwards but my parents dont drink haha My mum is also keen on the look of some of the shows so I dont know if perhaps just booking a show for everybody that night would be a better idea.  


    Have you made any decisions on after wedding plans?   Any suggestions are always great & especially since we getting married roughly the same time! eeek how exciting haha

  • Some of the shows would be pretty fun for a group.  If you go to Rose.Rabbit.Lie, you get a little bit of a show with food.  Performers randomly come out and do their thing.  We thought it was a fun atmosphere.  
    You can literally drink everywhere in Vegas, so your boyfriend will have no problem grabbing a drink on the go and walking around with it.  
  • carolanne121 Hehe. Super exciting! We only booked the holiday through Virgin because we didn't want a middle person to go through with the chapel and it was so easy to book ourselves. However, Virgin did say that if we booked the wedding with them I would be able to take my wedding dress on as an extra to my hand baggage. I've decided to just buy a small wheeled suitcase to take as hand luggage and try and squeeze the dress in there! :)

    A show would be a great idea! We're looking at paying for a show the night before, thinking Vegas! The Show which seems to have great reviews. Tickets are very reasonable too and it has great reviews! We saw Beatles Love las time we were there which was amazing! Theres some great deals on

    For the actual wedding we're thinking Chapel Of The Flowers and then a strip photo tour (we're bringing around 13 people with us) followed by a relaxed meal in a private room at Stripburger and then paying for everybody to go up the eiffel tower before going back to our suite for cakes and a few drinks. We haven't confirmed the eiffel tower or anything after Stripburger yet though.

    The great thing about Vegas is you can do just about anything! Theres so many options to suit everybody! We still have 10-11 months to plan hehe :)
  • @MishMashPotato yeah the only thing that put me off actually booking the wedding with Virgin as well was they told me they cant guarantee your first choice for the date and you have to give them a few options. As we are only going to be there for a few days it wouldn't be ideal whereas I see on COF website you can actually pick the exact date & time you want when going through the options. least then would have peace of mind you are getting the date you need!!  we arrive on a sunday so we are thinking of having the wedding on the Tuesday to give us time to get settled / pick up marriage licence without any rushing around.  This is our first time going to Vegas too so there will be loads to take in! 


    I did see in the virgin wedding brochure they sell 'dress' boxes so that your dress would defo fit in the overhead luggage.  you can buy one as long as you have the holiday booked with them even if not the wedding. so that's an option for you as well if your dress is gonna be squashed lol


    Oh thanks for the website tip - I hadn't seen that one so I have now signed up for their e-mails. have also signed up got Groupon Vegas just in case theres any bargains going nearer the time!!


    so exciting - i'm sure in the next 10 months we will have changed our mind a million times about what to do/see since there is so many options lol

  • Hi! I am getting married in Sep 2015 aswell! Getting married in Aria Wedding Chapel then looking at Mon Ami Gabi for dinner. We are thinking of taking our guests on the High Roller afterwards with an open bar beforehand, leaving that as a suprise. My hair & makeup is by Bri. I have yet to book flights, just waiting on a good deal! I am taking my dress and the other half his kilt & hiring kilts from Pheonix for the rest of the guys. Hope this gives you ideas!
  • I booked Bri too!  I have her booked for December, so I'll write a review afterwards.  

    We looked at the high roller, but the mother of the groom is claustrophobic and would probably refuse to get on.  
  • @Knottie872435156 congratulations!  I actually saw the High Roller on a website last night & thought that was a good idea as well. 


    @aggiespartan looking forward to seeing all your reviews - not long for you now!! 


    Do you ladies have a website or details for Bri and I can have a look? 

  • can link to her facebook, pinterest, twitter etc from there. She has great reviews on here & replied to my emails really quickly. Have her booked to do hair & makeup for 6 of us.
  • @Knottie872435156 thanks very much for that - I will check her out!  I wasnt sure about booking hair & make up but I think it might be something nice for me & my mum to do ourselves on the morning of the wedding
  • I booked Bri as well. She has been really great about responding.
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  • @hmgriffor I tried to contact Bri but I never received any responses from her or Pampered Brides. I am going with Stevee Danielle. They got back to me super fast!
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  • That's strange.  Bri got back to me immediately.  I tried to contact Harmony first, but her website and contact forms were awful.  

    Now I'm having trouble with getting our cake people to respond.  For the most part, all of our other vendors have been great.
  • Congratulations everyone.
    My friend recently (September 2014) got married at COF, she said it was amazing and it was streamed live so we could all watch from home, the only thing I would suggest if you are doing a live stream, is to bear in mind the time you get married, as UK is 8 hours ahead of Vegas!

    I'm getting married in Vegas, May 2015... We chose to book with scenic las vegas
    ( ) as we wanted to get married outside and not in a chapel. I have booked hair and make up with Amelia C & Co. 

    Very stuck on what to do after the ceremony... Its a hard decision to make as there are so many options, and my dad is EXTREMELY fussy when it comes to food.

    Any ideas and options are very much appreciated.
  • Hi all, I stumbled across this page and got very excited! We are planning on getting married in Vegas March of 2015 - and I've found very little on other sites for peoples experiences there. Living in Australia and planing even a small wedding of only ourselves and 4-5 guests is starting to feel a little overwhelming! I've been emailing vendors specifically "A Special Memory" wedding chapel - wondering if anyone has has any experience with this chapel or ones similar to it? They've been great in getting back to me - a package which includes transport, flowers, celebrant, all fees/ gratuities, chapel photos (also includes an hour photo session on the strip but photos from this start at $500 separate from package costs), web broadcasting,DVD etc for $1095.00 sounds great to us - we want something that encompasses everything so we really don't have to think of too much!
    Does anyone have an suggestions as to who else to approach for packages? Or any information you might find handy?   
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  • @Terrimx @chiggen congratulations!!  


    @chiggen have you checked out Chapel of the Flowers?  their website is really easy to nagivate to check out their different packages available.  this still seems to be my favourite in the running for me to book as it doesnt look "tacky" like some of the other stand alone chapels.


    @Terrimx this is the exact problem i am having as my dad is a very fussy eater (steak, chips & gravy or chicken breast, chips & gravy kind of guy) and all of the food places i have looked at so far the menus are all too fusy.  there is only going to be around  6 of us flying over so i'm not looking for anything over the top/fancy would rather a more relaxed informal type of meal.  If you happen to find any menus that are kind of 'normal' please let me know!! :D 


    Oh good thinking about the time difference!!  I will have to make sure the internet streaming would take in to account the time it is shown in the UK.

  • You're lucky your dad eats steak... There are loads of steak houses you could choose from :)
    My dad unfortuantly pretty much only eats chicken... but only chicken breast!! He also eats mince meat, so I am thinking, after looking at the menu this morning to do the reception at Maggiano's, Its has great reviews on here and seems to be very popular! Its just annoying that I won't be going to Vegas to check everywhere so i'm literally relying on reviews, but i'm sure whatever we decide will work out great :)
  • If you have picky eaters, you could also do it at a buffet where there will be more options for people.  
  • A lot of the steak houses seem to be really fancy - not what i'm looking for at all.  I am staying in the MGM so I am going to have a look at their restaurants tonight online as our limo would be dropping us back there so that may be the best option to save lots of walking around for dinner lol
  • I would look into the nicer buffets.  Wicked spoon (Cosmopolitan)  and Bacchanal (Ceasar's Palace) have both been great the times I've gone.  
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married in Sept 2015 and travelling from the UK too!!

    I'm also having my "reception" in the MGM - we are going to Pucks Bar & Grill restaurant. I really liked the selection of food they had available - pizza, chicken, steak, salmon. I haven't actually eaten there (just to be clear) - I've based my booking on the tripadvisor reviews which seem really good!

    I've got a private room booked (which seats upto 18, but I'm only going to have between 8 -12 guests) - so there is a minimum which might be more than you want to spend, but you could always book a table at the restaurant. The lady I've been working with has been amazing - she has answered all my insane questions immediately even though its a small booking in 10/11 months time! They are making me a wedding cake (I sent them a photo of what I wanted) and drinks count towards the minimum so I'm having a champagne toast, as well as some nice wine etc.
  • Thanks for that tip I will go check our Pucks menu now...that sounds ideal esp if they have good reviews.  Always good to know the staff have been great at getting back to you as well even though its so far in advance!
  • Congrats to the new folks in this thread and welcome to the Vegas board.

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