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Winter Bachelorette Party in Chicago

Hi, I'm looking for ideas for a winter bachelorette party. The bride really likes wine. We have plans to visit wine bars before dinner. I thought about having each guest bring their favorite wine for the game/gift part of the night. I now need afternoon ideas. We were going to do manicures but the bride isn't sure about spending 3 hours in a salon (20 guests). She has nixed the ideas of blow out bars or make up. Struggling to find other ideas without spending a ton of money to rent out rooms. Thank you!

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    If you want to continue with a wine theme, you can try this....

    or this......

    You will get a much better response if you XP (cross post) this on the Illinios/Chicago board.  Give us an idea on where you will be staying, the date, and if you will require transportation for 20 women. 
  • It sounds like this is an all day event with a lot going on. I love the wine ideas, but would skip the mani/pedis. Or just get mani/pedis with the bridal party another day. 

    After a quick google, I found this CLICKY. Maybe you could do a wine bar crawl. Get a limo to drive you around to each one. See if you can call ahead and meet with the sommelier at one of them. Honestly, a pre-party at someone's place or dinner out plus that is plenty for a fun bach. 

  • Wine and painting anything is fun! My friend just mentioned the paint your own wine glass idea (we just did a paint night and had a lot of fun) so I think that would be fun, and appropriate! 
  • One of my co-workers did that for her bachlorette party. They had it someone's house and the bridal party took care of bringing wine & snacks & they had a great girls night in. If no one has a place that can host the number of people coming, sometimes the companies that organize the wine & brush parties have locations where you can go to them. If not, contact some of your local wine bars/resturants to see if they have a party room you use for the event. If not, check into some local community center rooms that you might be able to rent. You can even ask the guests to each bring a bottle of wine to share so you can do a wine tasting.
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    Bottles and Bottega- ladies night.... you're welcome.


    Or Baton Club.

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