I found the best wedding photography deal!

I have thank my Mom for this one. She is a hard-core daily deal shopper and always sends me links to things I really don't need, discounted dog walks and the like. Well, I happened to see this one last night and checked it out:

My FI and I are def on a budget. So finding the right photographer has been tough. I mean, we have gotten some good referrals from friends but their rate was just too expensive. I wanted photos that were not "typical" wedding machine looking, of course we want the key shots but we also wanted someone who is just naturally good at taking pictures. And all of this for less than the 1500-2k we had budgeted. Not easy. So when I saw this ad for $895 I literally was spinning.

I checked out the site first and I love the layout. I did not see any traditional wedding photos though. Some pictures from city hall which were lovely, and some really beautiful portraits, but no brides and grooms. Hmmm. Well I sent a message through their contact page and got a reply back this morning. I talked to one of the owners of the company, his name is Emerson. He was very polite and gave me the scoop on what the deal includes and what kind of photography they do. I really never thought of booking my wedding photographer from a Groupon-type site but he has changed my mind!

We are going to meet this afternoon in person to finalize details and review his contract. I like the fact that he has one even though this is a daily-deal. One of the few things all my friends told me is any vendor that doesn't want to sign a contract is a major red-flag.

Anyways, very excited about this and I hope it works out. If you are on a budget but still looking for quality then you might want to take a look. Hey, you could even mention me and how you found out about it. Good luck and I will update later!!!

Re: I found the best wedding photography deal!

  • Update. We ended up signing on the dotted line. As for the lack of wedding photos, they were in the process of doing a major site overhaul and had to add photos one portfolio at a time. There are now wedding and engagement images for all to enjoy lol. I would say at the very least, go and check out their site:

  • That is awesome. I just checked out the website myself and it said $4000 for wedding package! I'm like you on a budget and cannot spend the typical $2k for one. $800-$1000 is our max! Are you doing your engagement photos with them too?
  • Oh wait, I think this post is from Feb...sorry I just signed up, so I'm knew with this site. Have you used them yet for engagement or wedding?
  • try if you're looking for a great deal for wedding photography.  We signed up months ago and although we haven't gotten married yet they are a good company to do business with.  Our engagement photo shoot was awesome!
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