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I'm looking to just have a bridal bouquet and 5 bridesmaid/MOH bouquets and probably no boutonnieres at my wedding.  Does anyone know the average cost of what that would be and is that too little of fresh flowers at my wedding????

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  • esstee33esstee33 Pittsburgh member
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    Average cost depends heavily on your area. That said, you can order bulk fresh flowers online for super cheap. I found a package on Costco that I was looking into -- 10 bouquets for $100. They have LOTS of different options, too, so you could check that out. 
  • Okay, I will do that.  THANK YOU!
  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    I had no fresh flowers at my wedding.  We had Real Touch flower bouquets for myself and 3 bridesmaids.  No boutonnieres, no corsages for moms. And we put some of the flower petals on the cake instead of a cake topper. I spent about $50 on flowers.  And it was perfectly fine.  I didn't feel like we were lacking flowers at all.  

    As far as getting real bouquets, costs can vary greatly by type of flower, time of year (if flower is in season), location (if they need to import flower), where you buy them, etc.  You could make bouquets yourself and buy flowers cheaper from Costco, farmers markets, or even a local grocery store. There are online flower wholesalers that sell cheap. Or you can find a wide variety in prices for pre-made bouquets.  So, look around for deals.  Prices will vary a lot based on what you are looking for.


  • minttobemrsbminttobemrsb member
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    Definitely look at ordering flowers in bulk! That is what we are doing. For only the bouquets you should be able to keep it under or at $100. Just make sure to order flowers that are in season in order to stay low budget. 

    If you or your BMs are crafty, bouquets are very easy to put together and arrange yourself. Then you really wouldn't need to hire a florist at all since you aren't having any other flowers. 

    I think it's fine that you aren't using other flowers. Most people don't know what to do with them after the wedding anyway! We are keeping our flowers to a minimum too :) 
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