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Destination Wedding Brides - What would you do differently..

Hi all,

I recently got engaged and we are planning a DW. My question for all you experienced DW brides or guests, what (if anything) would you do differently now that you've had the chance to experience it.  Or what did you absolutely love that you wouldn't change a thing. From the wedding, to resort, destination, guests, etc. Also is there any types of specific questions that I should ask when meeting with our TA that one might not think of.

Thanks for all or any advice!


Re: Destination Wedding Brides - What would you do differently..

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    I wouldn't change a thing.  Except maybe at the end.  We did an after party at the hotel restaurant which did karaoke.  I would have sang "I was made for loving' you" by Kiss to DH.  I was too nervous.  I should have just done it though.  

    Make sure you know about timelines, start and end, what happens to decorations, when payments are needed, extra food, etc.  Start making a list of questions and keep adding to it as they come up so you'll have something to go with when you talk to your TA

  • I wouldn't change anything. Having it off resort was by far the best choice we could have made. My planner was amazing and I got as much input as I wanted on anything. People stayed across 4 different resorts, and some, including us, rented a beach house. We invited 110 people, and had about 60 show up. It was a good size to manage and the people enjoyed our planned events as well as the many suggestions of other things to do. I didn't have a travel agent, so I can't help you there. Well, I did, technically through Beach Bum, but many booked on their own, and all the travel agent did was book for those who wanted to go through them.
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  • There is nothing major that I would do differently. The only thing I should have put more time into before going over for the wedding was arranging our guests' transportation from the venue to their B&Bs. We hired a mini-bus, but because we had a small wedding, there ended up being some confusion re: having the driver hang around from 11pm-4am waiting for a small number of guests to want rides. It looks silly put down in writing like that but it was a huge source of last minute strife and stress.

    But there is literally not one single minute I would change. Enjoy your DW!
  • Nothing. It was perfecttttt. Easy. Simple.
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  • Nothing. One of the best decisions we've ever made. We loved everything about it - location, our venue, the group who attended. It was the most perfect day. It's been two months and we were just talking about it the other night, what we'd do differently if we could, and neither of us had any legitimate things to add. I guess the only thing that could have been better is if we could have stayed longer :-)
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