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Did you plan your own pre-wedding girls night out party??

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Hi all -- I know it's not the MOH or BM duties to plan these things but I was curious if any of you planned your own 'get the girls together' kind of party.  For instance, the MOH and BM (there are only two folks per side for the WP) are out of town.  But there are ladies who are in town who I know would like to do SOMETHING (and yes, they all will be invited to the wedding).  I honestly don't mind setting it up -- like get our nails done and get some dinner! 

Did any of you do anything like this? 

Re: Did you plan your own pre-wedding girls night out party??

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    It's not appropriate to throw your own bachelorette party. Get together and go out or do whatever you want any time you want. Just don't call it a bachelorette party.
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  • @AddieCake --- roger that.  That's kind of what I meant-- sorry I didn't have the terms down right.    (Please don't murder me, other Knotties!)  :):)
  • It is no one's "duty" to throw you a party.

    Getting nails don't and dinner is fine but if you make it related to the wedding, you're basically throwing your own bach without calling it a bach.

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  • Fair enough.  Thanks everyone. 

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    I did this, but didn't call it anything wedding related and made the invite informal. Our RD was on Thursday, and was pretty small (around 15 people) and we knew it would be over by 9. Earlier in the day, I texted/called/emailed the girls I knew would be in town early (whether they were at the RD or not) and asked if they wanted to linedancing around 9:30. A group of us did, and it was awesome. I'd hardly consider this throwing myself a party (and more consider it being a good hostess for the weekend?).

    The men went back to the hotel and watched the playoffs in the hotel bar. The older folks went to bed. It was a super fun night and beat everyone twiddling their thumbs that evening.

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