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Is this too much for DIY?

Hello ladies,

I need some opinions please. I am getting married next august (2015). We have already decided that we want to have Hershey kisses as favors. I want to DIY as much as I can and put our own personnal touches on our wedding. Do you think that it is cheaper to buy favor boxes or to make them ourselves?

Here is a link to the Template i found.

Re: Is this too much for DIY?

  • I think it mostly depends on the kind of paper and if you're using your own printer or getting them professionally printed, and what boxes you can get in store.

    You can get favor boxes pretty cheap; they have them in the dollar store where I am, but the ones you get at the dollar store may not have the fancy patterns that you can print if you use the template. 

    The nice thing about the template is that you can put any pattern on it you want in any color, but the down side is that you'll have to cut them all out, fold all of them and glue them together, not to mention added things like tags and ribbons. 

    The nice thing about buying them is that you pay money, they're already put together and all you have to do is throw in your favors, close them up and add your ribbons and tags, but the down side is that you may not be able to get the patterns you want on the box (you can print them out on the tags though) and they may be a little more expensive if you go with fancier boxes.

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  • Whether they're cheaper depends on everything VP said above. Whether they're worth it depends on how many you need to make, then weigh the cost/benefit. Personally, that looks like way too much work to cut each of those out by hand (high time cost) for very little benefit (difference in look over what you could buy). Might be worth it to me for 20, but 200? No way.

  • If it's too much for you is really only a question you can answer.  You could try making one and see how much they are going to cost you and how much time they will take.

    Cheaper?  Depends on what you want.  I've been doing arts & crafts since longer than I can remember and there are almost always cheaper alternatives to DIY.  Dollar stores, wholesale clubs, thrift stores, clearance racks, and overseas sellers to name a few.  You can get them, yes, but they might not be exactly what you want or are "envisioning".  Dollartree has basic favor boxes for just over $.08 ea.  
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  • Oriental trading company also has many very very affordable options for basic favor boxes/bags that you could embellish yourself
  • Oriental trading company also has many very very affordable options for basic favor boxes/bags that you could embellish yourself
    I love Oriental Trading Company.  I get their catalog every month in the mail, and they are very affordable and have a lot to offer. 
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    That sounds like a ton of work!

    DollarTree has inexpensive options as does Oriental Trading. Keep an eye out for free shipping deals on Oriental Trading to make them even cheaper (their shipping always seems expensive to me).

    Also, you can dress up store-bought boxes with a custom stamp or sticker. VistaPrint sells custom stickers for pretty cheap or you could have a rubber stamp made.
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