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at the end of the day I'm married...right?

Well at the end of the day i am a wife so I'm trying to not think of all the negatives however my wedding wasn't how i reference I've been engaged for 5 years, lived with his for that long and we have a kiddo together(kiddo 2) and i have a kiddo from a pervious marraige that has always considered my husband his dad(kiddo 1).

anyway we got married yesterday at a beautiful castle. We decided to stay the weekend at the castle and it was pretty cool. The staff was friendly and helpful and the grounds were very pretty offering a lot of fun photo ops. Honestly the staff was great and handled our wedding and "reception" very professionally. The weather was chilly but not horrible, it basically allowed me to wear my fur stole with my dress (which went together really well) and i was also able to take pics without the stole as well. Our photographer was amazing. He made me feel at ease and i think we got some great pictures! They would show us a few shots they felt were really good and I really appreciated that they would take the pictures I'd think of as well as think of some really creative shots as well. My brooch bouquet and the guys brooch boots were a big hit too!

By far the absolute best part of the day was when we exchanged gifts. We decided to do a first look and exchange gifts so we could get our reactions on film. He got me a great watch and had it engraved and i also got him a watch he's been wanting since we got together and had it engraved as well. He Then gives me a secondbox which had a beautiful pearl necklace in it to wear with my dress. After looking at it for a minute he off hand tells me (like it's no big deal) that he made my necklace. He actually took each individual pearl and strung them on the necklace (just FYI pearls are strung then knotted after each pearl. It prevents a break and loosing all your pearls).

The ehh things that happened (you know the i could have done without that but it's not a huge deal/can be overlooked) my hair and makeup weren't how i would have preferred, it's due mostly to the fact that I was under prepared and partly because the makeup artist didn't use great makeup for a wedding (mascara was gunky on my eyelashes and it eventually got all under my eyes, lipstick was a mess, uneven eyeliner ect), my hair wasn't how i thought it'd turn out but she did a goodjob on my mmom's hair. The officiant didn't do the ceremony we had agreed on months ago and instead did a quick 10 minute ceremony...that sucked, she didn't bless the rings or do our unity ceremony. Also my husband's parents left almost immediately after the ceremony, we planned to go to dinner but that didn't happen so I'm glad we had cupcakes, a veggie tray and a cheese and cracker tray as some sort of reception. Also the restaurant we planned to have dinner, well they lost our reservation and we're completely unprepared for us. There was no one to greet us or seat us, the restaurant wasn't at all how it appeared online(destination wedding so I did most of it online) it took roughly an hour to an hour and a half before our food was brought out...but the food was pretty delicious, it just took a long a time and wasn't as fancy as it sounded.

then there are the major, I can't get over it issues. As some of you remember I was irritated with my husband's step mom and dad...well his dad wasn't an issue but his step mom...whole other issue. As soon as she arrived she loudly announced that we should have gotten married in the courthouse before kiddo 2 was born(3 strikes woman...this is it for you). Then at one point my mom made a toast and afterward did the tapping on the glass so we'd kiss. I jokingly said i didn't want to kiss him and she had to loudly say over and over "oh NOW you don't want to kiss! Look what happened BEFORE you got married!" Line was crossed again...even now I'm steaming over can't call kiddo 2 a bastard and me a sl*t then in the same breath dote over kiddo 2. Then the next thing out of your mouth tell me my kiddo doesn't want me (the mother) to hold them, they want someone else. *eye roll*

at the end of the day it's a done deal, I married the most amazing, supportive, generous man and that's all that really matters. :)

Re: at the end of the day I'm married...right?

  • Im sorry your mother in law said those things.  That was totally out of line and just plain tacky.

    My MIL was cornering people and ranting about menopause all night.  My brother's 24 year old girlfriend got ranted to for 10 minutes about when she's her age she'll have to deal with it and it's terrible.  OMG woman, stop terrorizing my guests!!  No one cares about the state of your uterus/ovaries!!

    A castle!  That sounds so romantic :)  And you husband made that necklace?  That's so sweet!  How thoughtful ^_^

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  • @goldchocobo‌ lol omgosh she told people she's going through memopause!? Idk how i would have reacted if someone started telling me all about their menopause...i have a feeling everyone was like O _ O ......what?? How is it being a married woman now?

    after some talking with DH we've started to move past the comments, they were rude and uncalled for and DH said he'd have a chat with his dad about it but in the end it wasn't about the hair and makeup, the guests or the castle or was about solidifying our relationship and making us a family as a whole.

    the castle was pretty romantic, there were so many spots for pictures and we utilized almost all of them (there was another section we could have driven to and gotten pictureson a swing and a bridge but no biggy) it was cool to get pictures around this little tiny village and a lot in front of the castle. There was also a giant chess set we took our first look pics in which worked out great...although we probably should have set it up but it's ok
  • She mentions menopause all the time.  I'm getting really annoyed about it.  That's like if I cornered her about something like my hair "When your hair gets this long, it's cray, am I right?" "OMG, you just wait until you get hair MY length, you're in for a treat!"  How would she feel? Annoyed if that's all I talk about. But she never sees it like that.

    She made me realize you can't change people, and you can't stop stuff from coming out of people's mouths.  She can't harm you unless you let her.  MIL taught me how to rise above.  Your husband will have your back.
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