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Nevada-Las Vegas

Glitter Lens pics are in! Cosmo Vow Renewal PIP

We love them. :)

Glitter Lens did a great job, both with correspondence/communication and the shoot itself. Caitlin was great about responding to emails and answering questions. I sent her a few pic ideas and when Michael, the photographer, showed up he had them all downloaded to his phone to refer to. He was very nice and we were very comfortable with him. When our officiant showed up and saw him she told us that not only was he great, but that he is one of the best night photographers in Vegas. That was a nice thing to mention as the sun was setting. :) Our shoot was one hour- that was all we needed with no guests and a 15 minute ceremony. He showed up 10 minutes early (as the agreement noted) and we got started right away.

As for shooting at the Cosmo, he said that when the hotel was new and everyone first caught on to how gorgeous it was, tons of couples were choosing it and outside photographers were taking over and getting kicked out on a regular basis. He said this was a big issue a couple of years ago but it has since died down. We did not have any issues taking pics around the hotel, which I would guess was for about 20 minutes of the shoot. I honestly expected we would have an easier time anyway because we weren't in wedding attire (Well, I wasn't. H could have been.) But Michael said that, in general, shoots are easier now. And, as it turned out, many people still thought we had gotten married even though I wasn't in a bridal gown and didn't take my bouquet out of the room. But no employees bothered us.  

Although, if there had been any issues we would have been truly happy with just the pics on our terrace and in the room! And then we would have just hit the strip. We did take a few just outside the hotel at the very end.

Anyway, here are a few of our faves.


Re: Glitter Lens pics are in! Cosmo Vow Renewal PIP

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