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Nevada-Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wedding

Getting married in Vegas in October at the Wynn. Would love ideas on approx price for extra decorations in the primrose garden. Any ideas on where I should have my reception? Looking at Maggianos. Need ideas on hair and makeup team. Last thing, what activities should I schedule for my guests? Thanks ladies! 

Re: Las Vegas Wedding

  • You are asking a lot in one post haha. Need more details on budget for reception as well as number of people, things you want, type of food. 

    Popular makeup: Beauty by Bri, Makeup in the 702, Amelia C 

    Activities: DDB, meet & greet, nightclubs

    Check out vegasgroom.com and littlevegaswedding.com to get started. Also, do some searches on the board. 
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  • Honestly, the biggest problem about having a Vegas wedding is that there are too many choices. You gotta narrow it down a little bit for us.  
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    Lots of brides on the board have had their receptions at Maggiano's. The food is wonderful, and if you use their preferred vendors, that counts toward your minimum.

    For guest activities, the Double Decker Bus is really popular, along with night clubs and meeting for dinner at a buffet. It depends on how many people you have.

    Harmony did my hair and makeup. http://harmonyartistry.weebly.com/

  • @sklenkel - I did Wynn and Maggianos this October! Great choices :-)
    I also had Harmony for make up, she was lovely.
    The extra decorations at the Wynn can be as much as you like. From rose petals on the aisle/mantel to a full canopy and loads of flowers, so anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
    The courtyard is beautiful so it doesn't necessarily need a lot of extras if you don't want to. We did do an arch and pew markers and I absolutely loved what they did, it was stunning. They have so many options depending on your budget and tastes
  • I am getting married at the Wynn in Nov, 2015 in primrose court.  My wedding coordinator said the average spent on decor at primrose court is $2500-$3500, however with that being said if you don't have the budget for that the venue its self is gorgeous and in my opinion you can get away with minimal decor and spend less.  To be honest the wedding coordinators are awesome there, you give them your budget for the decor and then they will stick within it and they don't really push you to spend more at all.  I am doing my reception at Maggiano's after.  Not only have I heard so many good reviews on it, but its location to the Wynn is super convenient and right across the street.  
  • I think the reception really depends on what kind of vibe you want and how many people you have.  We didn't even look at chains like Maggiano's because we wanted something uniquely Las Vegas.  
  • Vegas has a ton of activities...just depends on how many people and budget and ages. I have a few Vegas posts on my site here is one that I hope helps http://hollydayz.com/2014/06/03/las-vegas-nevada/
  • Sounds so fun! I'm going this weekend to the Wynn to check it out!  Our wedding is also planned for Nov 2015

  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    Alternately, some brides (like me) have their reception in a hotel suite. There are lots to choose from, and they're all "uniquely Las Vegas", as other brides have touched on.

    We had a Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay, and it had a great view of the strip.

  • Knottie60642791, just make sure you are mindful of the AAIW (SEMA) convention date in Nov 2015.  I just had to move my wedding back a week because I have originally planned it for the same week as this convention (this convention brings about 150,000 people to vegas making hotel prices sky rocket).  It is Nov 3-6 I believe in 2015.
  • nicolajane81 on your Oct wedding! How was the weather? Did your guests stay at the Wynn or another hotel? I'm thinking most of my guests will probably stay elsewhere unless the Wynn offers discounts for groups. I have been emailing with Becky at the Wynn and she has been helpful. 

    Now my question is what time of day. Originally I thought a evening/ night would be pretty with candles, etc but now I'm worried about pictures with my fiance afterwards. I don't want them to all be in the dark. When do you think is the best time? 

    Was thinking about spending around $7000 on reception for about 60 people. Not sure if we want to go the dancing/ traditional wedding or just a nice dinner with drinks and then heading out on the town later. With so few guests I am worried a dance floor and DJ will be lame.

    Congrats to everyone and thank you for your help/ input! Weddings are a lot more complicated (even in Vegas!) than I originally thought!! :)
  • @sklenkel if you do it in the evening then you need a great photographer who knows lighting well. if you want to do sunset...(that is what I am want to do) then you have to start a little before the sunsets, but you will still get that amazing light called golden hour for your after ceremony pics. You can still do the candle lights with the sunset.

    Also I came across a place called Wellington Place and they do transportation with a bus and limo, wedding cake, DJ, and meals for about that price...I think a little cheaper.

    I am only inviting 50 and I am not sure if they will all show and I am worried about the same thing, but I want those things so if that is what you want it won't be lame it will be fun!
  • We are having 60. We are doing a DJ and dance floor. Music and dancing is SUPER important to us so I had to have this. It's Vegas so I know many of our friends will be ready to get down! 
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