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Six months out - how is your planning going?

We're getting to the six month mark in November. How is everyone doing? What have you done so far? What's still on your list? How are you feeling about your planning? Have any dress/venue/etc photos to share?

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Re: Six months out - how is your planning going?

  • I am actually feeling like I have been procrastinating. :(  I am trying not to stress but I think that is inevitable. We have our venue, photographer, DJ, Florist, cake, bridesmaid dresses all booked and ordered. What about you?
  • We're having a small Vegas wedding so honestly, there isn't a lot for me to do! I have essentially an all-inclusive ceremony package that includes limos to and from the chapel for everyone, bouquet and boutonniere, photography, officiant, and music. All I had to do was choose which chapel and then how many photos/flowers, pretty much.

    We're having dinner at a restaurant afterward and that reservation is made too, but I'm not doing a private room, DJ, speeches, cake, decorations, anything like that. Just dinner and drinks like on a normal night.

    I also booked a limobus for the group after dinner for a tour of the Strip to take some photos in front of all the fun stuff in our party clothes. We've got our flight and hotel booked already as well, so I really don't have anything at all to do!

    I have a dress hanging in my closet and some shoes, FI is wearing one of his work suits...we're not having a bridal party, so I don't have to do anything there...I actually think the only thing I really have left is to figure out hair and makeup and jewelry. Oh, and we ordered wedding bands a couple weeks ago but when mine came, I hated it, so I guess we do have to figure out a ring for me too.

    I am so, so happy that I got everyone on board with Vegas. I did NOT want to plan more than I absolutely had to and so having everything this easy has been so wonderful.

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  • I am a procrastinator! Venue and photographer are booked, but nothing else. I've been taking pride in being a low-key, non-stressed, not-too-picky bride, but maybe I need to get myself in higher gear?
  • Eek when we hit six months out yesterday I realized how much there is still to do!! Feeling so behind but hey, at least this will get my butt in gear! 
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  • @swimchick713 Everyone plans at their own pace! it will all come together. that's what I keep telling myself!

  • Eek when we hit six months out yesterday I realized how much there is still to do!! Feeling so behind but hey, at least this will get my butt in gear! 
    Six months is plenty of time though. As long as you've got the stuff that actually does book up six months out (venue and photographer, most likely), you've got tons of time to do the rest.

    I've only got everything done because we're having a DW on a holiday weekend and I needed to make certain we actually had everything confirmed before we let anyone buy a plane ticket.

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  • We really slacked off over the summer, but once we had our venue and photographer booked we felt a lot less rushed. We were in a holding pattern for the church for like 2 months but got that sorted out about a month ago. Waiting on a quote from the florist that we're probably going to book, have 3 DJ quotes to decide from. Baker we plan on using isn't meeting with spring weddings until after Christmas. Save the dates went out several weeks ago.

    I've talked to a seamstress about altering my dress, she doesn't need it until January so I'm good there. I need to get shoes (which I've found, just haven't bought) and figure out if I'm wearing a veil. Shopping for bridesmaids dresses in the next couple weeks, groomsmen are figuring out if they already have suits in a colour that works or if they're renting (FI cares way more about that than I do, it's incredibly cute).

    We still have to decide on invitations and book transportation and a whole bunch of small stuff. I can't believe we're only 6 months out, it's crazy!



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  • I still just have a venue. Oops. Haven't done much at all. Might have a dress. Thought I had a catering solution (City BBQ) and FI and I ate there last weekend and it was awful so now back to the drawing board. Have a friend we are thinking of for photography (amateur hasn't done weddings) but need to get on that soon in case we need to hire a real pro.
  • We have our venue reserved, and I just ordered my dress!! ( so exciting/scary!!!!) I'm currently trying to decide what to do for music... Not sure if we want to spend money on a dj, or just use an ipod, eespecially since we are not much into pop type music... Will people expect a dj and all that, though?

    Anyways, I can't believe it's just six more months!!! That seems like no time at all!!
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  • We have all the big stuff nailed down: venue, caterer, dress, DJ, photog, rentals, hair and makeup, rehearsal dinner. I procrastinated on finding an officiant but finally got that nailed down last week, so we'll actually be married at the end of things thing. So basically all we have left to figure out now are the details and logistics, and some of the DIY stuff.
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  • Done:
    Photography booked, won on Facebook
    Centerpieces, just have to sew table runners
    Dress, purchased, alterations to be done in March
    Suit, purchased, alterations to be done in March
    Cake booked, FFIL is a baker

    To do:
    Book venue, signing contract Wednesday
    Book caricature artist, entertainment and favors in one!
    Book catering, we decided on a place and then the food wasn't so great last time I had it so we're back to looking
    Book officiant, father of our friend
    Book make up and hair, have a few places in mind
    Flowers, farmers market, order week prior
    Pick out music
    Pick out bridesmaid dresses, FMIL will probably make

    I was hoping to have way more done by now,
    but we took forever to settle on a venue- long story. My goal is to get all the vendors booked by the end of the month and then somewhat relax until March or so.
  • I'm feeling pretty good about planning right now...

    Caterer for cocktail hour (dinner will be from a restaurant)
    Serving staff/bartenders
    All rentals

    In Progress:
    Cake (tasting scheduled for next weekend, we will most likely book her)
    Day-of-Coordinator (meeting with her next weekend, will finalize then)

    Need to do:
    Hair and MUA 
    Ask FI's dad to officiate 
    Choose bridesmaid dresses
    Plan out what I'm DIYing

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    -Venue (includes food and cake, etc)
    -dress (it came in last week! And it fits! started minor alterations already)
    -veil (borrowing from FI's cousin. yay freebies!)
    -bridesmaid's dresses, groomsmen ties (we were super early on this, but whatever. it happened)
    -save the dates
    -registry/ wedding website
    -picked our first dance song (it's kind of been our song for a while so that wasn't hard)
    -scheduled meeting with event coordinator to finalize menu

    To Do:
    -Hair stylist/ makeup artist (and figure out for sure what look I want!)
    -videographer (this is such a pain. we've been going back and forth with a few people. ughhhh. these guys seem the worst at getting back to you, so we might go with the convenient choice, even though I don't actually like their finished, edited, product. But at least they seem on top of things, and hopefully their shots are okay and FI's brother can work magic with the editing)
    -pick a cake topper
    -make invitations (I'm an artist, I want to design these, even if I don't hand make all of them)
    -pick wedding rings (we might go shopping this weekend to start the process. I'm picky though, it will probably take a while)
    -pick out music that we want/ don't want
    -schedule a time to do a cake tasting
    -other DIY projects like table numbers and place cards

    I think that's it? there are probably things I haven't even thought of yet!
  • Done:






    Tuxedo rentals



    Invites ordered

    Toasting flutes ordered


    STDs sent out



    Hotel group for guests

    majority of the song selections


    Hair stylist

    make up artist

    bridesmaids need to order dresses

    flower girl dresses



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  • Cyber Monday was productive - ordered invitations, booked a photographer, and booked our honeymoon.  Last big things are DJ, catering, and cake but all but DJ is mostly figured out I think
  • I feel things have been coming along nicely:


    Save the dates sent out, Venue ( food, linens, etc. included), Photographer, Videographer, DJ, My Dress and Veil, Bridesmaid dresses ordered, Hair and Makeup, Limo, Florist, hotel rooms blocked, One of the groomsman gifts purchased, Cake ordered


    Groom and groomsman tuxes, Dinner tasting, invitations, bridesmaid gifts, my shoes, officiant, honeymoon, and all DIY Items like table numbers, card holder.

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