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BEST place in August in Caribbean/ Mexico - Freaking out!

PLEASE answer- I'm really freaking out here.  I've gone through 5 pages of posts but haven't found any addressing this specific topic (weather in general yes, not in August specifically)
Due to British schools not ending until July 23rd, and US Midwestern schools starting August 23rd. I have about 4 weeks over the year to get married (and yes for various reasons beyound me I HAVE to work around these dates). 
I have literally always dreamed of a caribbean and have always dreamed of the Caribbean but am very worried it will be too hot and humid. I've read the weather reports but would LOVE LOVE some advice from people who have been to the Caribbean and/or Mexico in August for a wedding.
- Was it too hot?
- Were guests miserable?
- Was everyone sweaty
- Was it great and uncrowded? 
Any advice would be fantastic. 
My budget is 40K and Ideally, I'd like my guests to spend no more than £800 for tickets (from London). The Americans can use miles, etc...

Re: BEST place in August in Caribbean/ Mexico - Freaking out!

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    I can't comment on the Caribbean, but I have been to Hawaii in August.  Basically, the weather there was the same as in the winter, except it was already over 30C in the morning (8am) versus a lovely cooler 25C and warming up later.  Google the city/country you're looking at for their average weather in those months.  

  • A lot of resorts in the Caribbean can arrange sunset ceremonies. So, it would be a bit cooler for you and your guests. It will be hot and humid compared to what your London guests are used to. There is also the chance of hurricanes, so be sure to purchase insurance if you and your guests are able. I would also look into some of the more southern caribbean island, like Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, or even Barbados, Antigua, or St. Lucia. These islands lie toward the end of the hurricane belt.

    I don't think anyone on here will be of much help as far as pricing goes for the London guests' packages as most posters are American or Canadian and are not aware of what London packages run.

    Your best bet is to work with a travel agent who specializes in this area and can help you and your guests in London. Your American guests may have trouble using miles, but they can work with an agent here in the US if they are having issues.


  • I thought about getting married in the Caribbean and I spoke to a wedding planner because I wanted it in August. It is right during Hurricane Season. So you have to be mindful of that. It will be hot and humid. The good thing about your budget is that you can turn it into more than just a wedding day you can have a wedding week or few days with some great things to do for you and your guests
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