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Massimo da Milano-Cleveland, Ohio (corner of W 25th St and Detroit Ave)

Curious to know if anyone has any input on the Massimo da Milano in Cleveland, Ohio.  My fiance and I are thinking of changing our reception venue due to costs adding up.  Massimo's package deal is great...$50 per person and include open bar for 6 hours.  I have seen and heard mix reviews on this place.  We have gone and looked at it and chatted with Lisa the even planner.  She seems to know what she's doing.  Only issues are:  restrooms downstairs (worried about older folks that will attend our wedding) and the owner smokes his cigars inside.  I have read that he has done this while receptions have been going on.  Any info, insight or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

Re: Massimo da Milano-Cleveland, Ohio (corner of W 25th St and Detroit Ave)

  • My mom hosted my wedding shower there and I've attended a class reunion there.  Also, my office used to be a few blocks down so we went there for lunch often.  The food is okay.  Typical wedding food...not great, but I've had far worse.  It's a cute venue.  Lisa is great!  The owner wasn't there for any event I attended but during the week, yes, he does sit at the front, smoking his cigar and being super sweet to all patrons. He's a very nice guy...but I get how the cigar would bug people but he wasn't at the shower or the reunion...so I'm not sure about weddings.  The only people there for that were Lisa and the servers. 

  • We looked there for our reception and ultimately decided against it. We had heard the same thing about the owner and cigars. I also didn't like how there were big pillars throughout the reception space...when we saw how it would be arranged for our 200-some guests, it looked like people would either be seated right next to/in front of the pillars OR the pillars would be blocking views of the dance floor. That may not be an issue if you have a smaller guest count, though.
  • Oh I absolutely don't think it's a place for 200.  I would seat more like 140-ish comfortably.  I hate it when places say they can hold more.  Just because you can fit a chair and a body doesn't mean it'll be a nice, comfortable event!

  • My biggest concerns with this place are:  smelling of cigars, restrooms downstairs (concerning for older guests who can't go up and down stairs that well, pan handlers outside.  The pillars aren't an issue for me basically due to the fact we would have at the most 120 guests.  I agree, that space is not meant for 200 guests.  125 at the most.  Other than reading and seeing bad reviews, i am still on the fence.  I plan on contacting Lisa there and asking her for some recent referrals, brides who have had receptions there during the summer months as that is when ours will be.  
  • I've performed several times at Massimo Da Milano.  Overall, it was a very nice place.  The food was good, and the large bar with 2 bartenders is great!  As for the owner smoking cigars, that is true.  However, I have to admit that unless you were right next to him, you really couldn't smell it at all!  (and I am easily bothered by smoke)  The restrooms downstairs are a bit inconvenient for older guests.  The main room itself is very nice, but the overall layout of the building is a bit odd.  The bar being so large and outside the main room (where the dance floor is) means that guests will generally hang out at the bar and not in the main room.  This makes it difficult to keep a full dance floor.  But if dancing isn't super important to you, then that is not a big concern. 

    But again, overall, nice place, friendly staff.  (And Lisa is GREAT to work with!) 

  • GoodVibeDJ-

    Thank you for the input.  It is greatly appreciated.  I did contact Lisa and asked her to provide 2 references, which she did.  Now just waiting to hear back from those previous brides and get their feedback.  I did express my concern regarding the cigar smoking to Lisa and she advised me if I were to ask him not to do that during our reception time that he probably would not smoke.  In my head as she was telling me that, Im thinking..."if im paying to rent your place out and spending thousands of dollars you would think he would no questions asked!"  :) 
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