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Post Pics! 2 and 3mm wedding bands with solitaire (around 1 carat)

Hi everyone!

I'm kind of new on here so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong!

Anyways, my boyfriend and I are getting married this upcoming summer. We had to do things a little backwards because we have a major time crunch. We have the wedding date set - but we are still waiting on the actual ring...

We are getting the rings from a friend who is a jeweler. My boyfriend wants me to pick out my ring and I pretty much know what I want aside from a few details.

I definitely want a pear solitaire, with a channel set wedding band. We found a great looking diamond which was .80 carat, but we may go with something a little bit bigger (nothing far over 1 carat, I have size five fingers and I don't want the stone looking too massive on me).

The part I'm having trouble with is deciding the size bands. I can't decide between 2 and 3mm. I want the center stone to be the main focus, so I'm worried that if I go with a 3mm channel set band, the .8 diamond will not stand out as much. If I get a 3mm band, should I up the size of the center stone, or should I just get a 2mm band?

I'd LOVE to see some pictures of 2 and 3mm bands with solitaires (preferably around .80 - 1 carat). 

Thanks SO much in advance!

Re: Post Pics! 2 and 3mm wedding bands with solitaire (around 1 carat)

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    Hi! Congrats on your engagement! And about doing things "backwards": there's no backwards! You totally don't need a ring to be engaged!

    Anyway, my ring picture might be helpful... it's a .92 carat Marquise diamond (jewelers were always showing me pears when they didn't have a marquise to help me envision the finished product, they said they were the most similar to each other) on a pave band that is 1.8 or 1.9 mm (I can't remember which, but regardless its pretty close to 2 mm.) My ring size is 6. I like the thin band, I feel like it emphasizes the center stone. Plus, I have short fingers. I didn't want too much metal on my finger, especially when I add in a wedding band.
  • Thank you so much for your help! Your ring is gorgeous!!!
  • Thanks :)

    Did you decide what to get?? If yes, post pictures please!
  • My e-ring band is knife-edged and very thin. My stone is 1.74 carats. I love the band. It floats on my finger and sometimes I have to look to make sure my ring is still there. My only suggestion would be to make sure you get a band this thin sized right. My stone sometimes swings around my finger, although that should happen less once I start wearing my wedding band.
  • My fingers are super tiny (3.5/4 depending on the time of year) so I understand.  My ring isn't quite what you're going for but it will give you an idea of what different sizes look like on small fingers.  My center stone is 1.5 carats and then has a halo of small stones and more down the sides.  It is about the biggest I would have wanted to go with my size, but I don't think it's too big my any means.  I love the way it looks and honestly, the one thing I'm most happy about is that it is a good quality stone and that it is conflict free so that I know no one suffered for me to enjoy it.
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