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Saber Arch at my wedding

Hi all,

Can someone tell me how to get the Saber Arch at my wedding? I thought I saw an application, but I have so much wedding stuff I can't remember where I saw it? Would I have my fiance contact the Public Affairs office or Honor Guard?

Re: Saber Arch at my wedding

  • First, it depends on his rank.  He must be an NCO or Officer to qualify for a saber arch or sword arch.  Second, most honor guards and individual units no longer perform them unless you are a member of said honor guard.  Most of the time when it is performed, it is actual friends and unit members of the groom or bride.  
    He can try the honor guard for his unit or the PAO, but you may be on a wild goose chase.  
  • Our sword arch is made up of FI's friends. Since we're getting married at the naval academy they have to have the names of all the swordsmen, but I think that's just so the wedding coordinator can make sure they keep it together and are prepared. 
  • I was afraid of that. The rank part isn't a problem, but he is stationed overseas so his unit isn't available. :(
  • It may not be the same for the naval academy but for West Point grads, I believe they contact the cadet hostess to get sabers for their saber arches. If USNA runs a similar program you might try there!

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