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I'm new. How are you?

Well, hello! I'm always bad at this - I have no idea how to get started on a board. Do I post an introduction thread, or just post in the Getting To Know You topic? Do I just jump into a discussion or is that really weird? Anyway, I posted in the other thread, and I'll post my intro here too. As my choice of forum might have indicated, I'm Not Engaged Yet, but I love this site and am probably too addicted to browsing wedding things, so I figured I'd say hi to others in the same situation.

So! I'm interested in you guys. Feel free to post a fact about yourself or your relationship or some such, or the kind of man or woman you're after, or tell your life story, I can dig that. Or just say hi! I love hi's. I'll repost my little info sheet here so y'all don't have to hunt it down in the other thread if you care enough to read it. Nice to meetcha!

Screen Name: ourladyofpotato

Age: 24

Significant Other's Age: 22

What You Do: Cashier, for now!

What SO Does: Frozen department guy, studying to be a history teacher

State of Relationship: Pretty serious! We've been best friends for years. We want to be best friends for years more.

How Long You've Been Together: Four months! It feels like forever.

How You Met: We have the same best friend. He's a filmmaker and he and I direct and write and act in a webseries. Anthony (the BF) was an actor in that series. When I first met him, I didn't have an opinion of him, but the more I got to know him... the more I hated him. He was an arrogant, judgemental prick and I let everyone know what I thought of him. Turned out that pretty much everyone else felt the same way, but over time, he grew on them and they became best friends. For a long time, that wasn't happening for me! I still couldn't bear to be around him.

Wasn't the same for him, though. He loved me almost at first sight and worked tirelessly to win my affections, but all he succeeded in doing was consistently upsetting and offending me. After a while, though, he seemed to change for the better. I didn't feel judged anymore. He took interest in my problems and helped me with them. He says, "I wanted to get to know you - I didn't know anything about you. You were the one person I couldn't peg." And that was on purpose. I didn't want him to know about me because that's just more for him to sit around judging and psychoanalyzing.

One day I was just so angry I let loose on him on the phone. I told him everything I couldn't stand about him. He said he just wanted to get to know me, and could we please hang out some time? I thought, maybe I'm being a little unfair. Maybe I should give him one chance. So I let him take me to Applebees.

It was the most wonderful dinner of my life.

Later I took him to Six Flags for a day trip. I told him about myself, my problems, the things going on in my life. He sat next to me on the rapids ride and told me that it would be okay while occasionally getting owned by a big splash of freezing water. I trusted him for the first time on the rapids ride. A few hours later, I kissed him for the first time on the monorail.

Wedding Date (if you're engaged/married): If all goes well, talk to me in 2019 or 2020.

Real Babies: Lord, no. Not yet.

Fur Babies: McKenna the Cavalier!

Loves: Those shit TV shows on TLC, especially Say Yes To The Dress and Something Borrowed. My dog, good food, video games. Anthony and our best friend Dustin.

Hates: Assholes, passive aggression, carrots.

Pet Peeves: I couldn't list these without encountering it. Then I would remember, and be like "Yes, that is a pet peeve of mine!" The only thing I can think of right now is how on Say Yes To The Dress in the wedding footage at the end, they always play the same god damn song. It's not even a good song.

Hobbies/Activities: Pfft, working. TV and video games during my down time. It's my relaxation method. Browsing The Knot.

Favorite Thing About Your SO: He tries so hard to make me happy! I think he's wonderful.

Least Favorite Thing About Your SO: He occasionally shouts the same stupid lyric from the same stupid song at random times and if I could erase his memory of that song and actively prevent him from re-hearing it I totally would.

Describe Your Personality: Frank, people-pleaser, a little pretentious sometimes. Excitable, genuine, impatient.

Snark Level (1 [low snark] - 10 [high snark]): 3

I've Been On TK Since: October 18

How You Came to Be On TK: When I got way too excited about the potential wedding between Anthony and I that won't even happen for five years.

How I like my potatoes: In the likeness of Our Lady. (I started a joke with the Tumblr Catholics that spiralled into insanity, you can find it here.

Favorite book/author: Probably The Belgariad/Malloreon series by David Eddings.

Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I don't even like potatoes that much.

Re: I'm new. How are you?

  • Hi!  The boards are usually really slow on the weekends, but I'm here so I'll say hi!

    I'm still a newbie myself, but NEY is basically awesome.  I started posting by just jumping into regular threads, I think (honestly don't remember).  As long as you're not a troll or think everybody is out to get you, you're going to have a blast!
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    Hi there! What's your favorite video game?
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  • Hello there! Welcome to the knot :-D pictures of your cavalier please!!!
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    Welcome to NEY! How has your weekend been?
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    Hey ladies! I'm new on TK as well. I also posted about myself on the "Get to know you" thread. I am NEY but have been with SO for 7 1/2 years so hopefully I won't be NEY for much longer. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.


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    Do you have any exciting plans coming up?
  • Welcome to the nut house, @OurLadyofPotato.

    Since I'm not on the GTKY thread, I'll tell you a bit about myself...(even though I've been posting on these boards for years now.)

    Screen Name: loves2shop4shoes

    Age: 26

    Significant Other's Age: 29

    What You Do: Marketing for a luxury travel company

    What SO Does: Operations management for Starbucks

    State of Relationship: Old married hag (OMH)

    How Long You've Been Together: 7+ years

    How You Met:  DH and I met at Boston University Orientation.  He was an upperclassmen and had a summer job with the orientation office.  He helped me pick my classes.

    Wedding Date (if you're engaged/married): August 4, 2012

    Real Babies: Not yet.

    Fur Babies: Annie the black cat and Tessie the Snowshoe cat

    Loves: DH, the ladies on NEY, good friends, good food, shopping, art, sarcasm, honesty, loyalty

    Hates:  Backstabbing, dishonesty, commercials, celery, people who cannot be happy for others

    Pet Peeves: Spitting in public.  EW.

    Hobbies/Activities: Knotting, knitting, watching bad tv, traveling

    Favorite Thing About Your SO: He treats me unbelievably well, with kindness, generosity, and respect.

    Least Favorite Thing About Your SO: He has the tendency to fib when trying to avoid confrontation.  We're working on that though.

    Describe Your Personality: Direct, sincere, sensitive, loyal as a dog

    Snark Level (1 [low snark] - 10 [high snark]): 8-10, depending on the day

    I've Been On TK Since: 2010

    How You Came to Be On TK: DH bought my engagement ring and I was going BSC waiting for him to propose.  I waited a whole 3 months.  (I'm giving myself the side-eye.)

    How I like my potatoes: Fried, mashed

    Favorite book/author: The HP series, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

    Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: English was my second language.  I spoke Portuguese exclusively until I was 4.

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    Hi guys! Sorry for the late response here, I work in a supermarket and I've been scheduled CONSTANTLY because, y'know, Thanksgiving. It's so nice to hear from you all!

    This question is a killer. I might have to say World of Warcraft because I've been going back to that one for ten years despite occasionally declaring my hatred for it and intention to NEVER play it EVER AGAIN! Then the Mass Effect trilogy (which I haven't finished, but I love it so far; partway through 3!) and Skyrim. Skyrim's another one I've gone back to consistently. I grew up on Legend of Zelda though, so there's a special place in my heart for it.

    Sorry for the dumb, what's BSC? If it involves a sudden need to obsess over all things bridal, then that is how I too found TK, yes.

    EDIT: I figured out BSC. I am in this state, always.

    1. What is one place you are dying to travel to?
    DISNEY WORLD! It's crazy, there are tons of places in the world and I've been to Disney before. But it's my favorite place, I can't get enough.

    2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?
    Very cheesy soups. It's so bad for me but I just can't stop.

    3. What genre of music do you enjoy listening to?
    I'm kind of eclectic, I like a lot of oldies, electronica, soundtracks, and some Broadway, mostly Webber.

    Look at my baby! :D

    imageI consider him the cutest thing in the universe.

    Busy! Work has totally taken over my life. It's tough enough to have a new job, I just started a week or two ago, but starting during Thanksgiving... ouch. How are you? Anything fun going on?

    Hi there! 7 1/2 is awesome! Wishing you luck on your proposal soon, I'm sure it'll be wonderful! Obviously you should share all the details about absolutely everything. >.> I might be obsessed with proposals prematurely. Very prematurely. Thank God my boyfriend isn't scared of my obsession. He's just as into it! I'm nosy because I care. <3

    Whales. <3

    I wish! We're considering a Busch Gardens trip, but that's in May. The cash is kind of not a thing right now, especially with Christmas coming. We're kind of casually browsing real estate and pretending we have money, but that's less a thing that's happening soon and more a wistful plan for the future. It would be the first place outside of our parents' for both of us, so it'll be really neat. All my exciting plans are for a million years from now. Let's hope they come to pass! How about you? Doing anything fun in the future?

    Can I get an amen for bad TV? I watch way too much TLC. It's completely ridiculous. The man friend tolerates it but I'm sure it pains him. He's memorized all the Duggar kids' names against his will. He's good to me. I mean, it's even the shows that are bad. I watch them all. It's horrible. But all the bridal shows have taken over my life. I'm about to be closer to 30 than 20 and I think a switch flipped in my head that screams "PREP FOR YOUR WEDDING WOMAN YOU GETTIN' OLD!"

    It's the crazy. It's full-blown. I can't even fight it.

    That said, I'm hearing this place is crazy, too. I like it. Seems legit to me. Thanks for the warm welcome and sorry I took so long to post! I'm drowning in frozen turkeys ATM.

    [Deleted User]loves2shop4shoes
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    That sounds super stressful! It doesn't help that customers are often very rude during the holidays!

    I'm being SUPER lazy because I'm still on my married vacation. There's a stack of quizzes I need to grade and I'm just like ... meh.

    I grew up on LOZ as well, and am currently playing through all of the games (in order) with my husband, who's also a fan. Favorite game in the series?
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  • I've been shocked - every customer has been amazing at best and vaguely irritated at no one in particular at worst. Maybe it'll get worse come Wednesday, but for now it's been wonderful. Granted, I still hate the job because it's a crap job, but it hasn't had anything to do with the customers.

    What do you teach? The BF is going for Secondary Ed in History, so I'll have to get used to playing the Quiz Grading Cheerleader. "Thirty more quizzes! You can do it!" Maybe bribing with cupcakes. Man, is it a lot of work. Teachers are fab.

    Favorite game in the series is Majora's Mask. It's extremely deep and very dark without TRYING to be dark. I like when the core concept is dark but the game and gameplay itself is normal if not even whimsical, like MM is. OOT was my first, so I'll always love that, too.
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    I'm glad your customers have been friendly so far! Let's hope they stay that way.

    I'm a graduate student in biology, but I'm really interested in teaching college level biology, and part of my responsibilities as a grad student involves teaching. That's awesome that your BF is also going into education!

    You are officially my new best friend because YESSSSS Majora's Mask.
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  • Moving in together is an exciting plan! Even just discussing and looking at places is exciting!  My bf and I started browsing about a two years ago.  We put an offer on our house last November, but because it was a foreclosure it took 8 months to close.  We closed in August, but the house needed a complete remodel so we have been doing that almost everyday after work.  Yesterday our gas was turned on, so now we can start putting up the sheet rock, then paint, then floors. We're figuring we should be moving in around Christmas. 

    I'm glad customers haven't been ridiculous so far.  When I worked in retail it took all my energy just to smile at some people.  The worst was working Christmas Eve and having people flip out because items were sold out... well that's what happens when you wait until the last minute to shop.

    And your puppy is so cute!
  • I'm literally freaking out over the 3DS Majora's Mask. Same game? Yes. Don't care. More MM.

    And congrats @speakeasy14 on your new place! That must be so exciting! I'm kind of set on getting a move-in-ready place, but I know that almost never happens. There's always a toilet that breaks or sketchy counters or something floating around. But assuming your timeframe is right, you're gonna have a wonderful Christmas present! We're definite on the moving-in-together thing, so now we just wait.

    Problem is, he REALLY wants to wait. We could totally do this in two years, but he wants to have savings really racked up, so around four years, which is totally smart, but I'm just so impatient... Basically, he says I'd get a house and a ring around the same time. Four years. *dies a little inside* I know it's smart. He is right and I am crazy. But ouch.

    Also the customer crazy will probably begin today and peak tomorrow. Working both days! Whoo! As for my puppy, he is precious, but I am mad at him, as he has pooped (again) on the floor in the new family room. Come on, dude. Keep it together.
  • Yeah bf wanted a fixer upper, we just didn't realize how much would need to be done.  So it took a little longer than planned, but we both live at home so we're not in any kind of rush.  Bf has done all the work, I mostly supervise.  I fell and broke my foot right before we closed so I haven't been allowed to help until recently.  

    If he wants to wait to save up, just focus your energy on other things.  Other than cooking, what do you like to do? Is there anything you've always wanted to try?

  • Ouch! Glad your foot is better! You've got a very helpful boyfriend! Mine just offered to grab me Wendy's because I was upset, so here's to wonderful men!

    I always like trips! It involves money, sure, but they don't have to be super expensive. Maybe to somewhere neat upstate or slightly out of state, a day trip to DC, things we can manage. Six Flags is a big one since we're only an hour or so away. It's hard to stay focused on the now sometimes, but things like that do help. As for things I've always wanted to try, I honestly can't think of anything. I've been lucky enough to do a lot. Maybe one day I'll bungee jump. I can always dig that. Not skydiving, though. Being attached to a cord feels much safer.

    But we're together,y'know? Playing Pokemon and watching bad TV and having a good time. I gotta remember that and stop time travelling all the time. What about you? What do you guys like to do? I'm always down for ideas! I imagine down time might be tough right now with the renovations.
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    @ourladyofpotato thanks for the kind words :) Also, don't worry, I think it's very easy to become a bit obsessed with various wedding details prematurely. I speak from experience. lol

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