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Pros/Cons to hiring a wedding planner

Hi all,

I just recently got engaged and started the planning process.  I have had some friends who have hired wedding planners, and some who haven't.  Some brides were stressed to the max, and others weren't.  I am just wondering if it's worth hiring a planner.  What are your experiences with them?  I am in need of some advice before I go forth.  Thanks! 

Re: Pros/Cons to hiring a wedding planner

  • One of the first things we did was find a planner.  We kind of knew that the venue we want is great because we can bring in all our own vendors... but that means we have to find all our own vendors.  I was convinced I'd forget something important (like chairs), so a planner is a great way to have peace of mind.  Plus, she has connections with vendors and gets discounts, which will end up basically paying for her services.  

    My MOH/best friend did it entirely with only a day-of planner.  She's one of those people who is just great at organizing events, so she really didn't need one.  I'm definitely not graced with that ability.  

    I think it depends on you.  I get super stressed and overwhelmed, and have NO idea how to wedding, so I needed someone.  If you're one of those people who can organize an event, you may not need one (or can just get a day-of or month-of).  Congratulations and best of luck!
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  • I am a wedding planner in California but I am also a bride to be (Oct 2015) and I hired a planner for my own wedding because I know the stress involved and I do not want to be working on my wedding day! There are so many details to plan and things to keep track of leading up to the wedding as well as coordinating on the day of that having a wedding planner is essential in my opinion. You need someone to support you, help make decisions and keep things running smoothly and on track so you can actually enjoy the wedding and have fun without all the stress. If you don't have a planner a lot of things can go wrong and people who should be your guests like your MOH or family members step in to do the job of a planner which is a lot to ask of them. You don't want your guests to be doing the job of a planner when they should be having fun and celebrating your day. It's definitely worth it to have an experienced planner who can help with all the little details. The other thing is that most planners have a network of other vendors they work with regularly that they trust and know will do a good job so you will feel better knowing you have experienced and reliable people you can count on working for you on your wedding day. Hope that helps!

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