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Shuttle Suggestions and PRicing

I need a shuttle in the NJ/ROckland Area. It will need to bring wedding guests from  the hotel to venue at 5pm and then back at 11pm. The trip is about 3 miles (8 minutes). There will be about 100 people. 
Does anyone know the average cost? ALso, any vendor recommendations? thanks!

Re: Shuttle Suggestions and PRicing

  • Hi, you probably already looked into this, but did you check with the hotel to see if they offer shuttle services?  Or maybe ask them do they know of any shuttle services ?
  • I'm in the process of pricing this. If you'd like everyone to go at the same time, you would need 2 coach buses that hold about 55 each. People have quoted me all over the map from $800-$1,400 per bus. From our initial conversations, we're leaning towards nj limo
  • I used Andiamo Limousines- they had the best rates and the drivers were prompt and on time!  It cost me about $500 to have them for 4 hours (2 hours before the wedding and 2 hours after).  I had about 90 guests being transported back and forth, it worked out well
  • Thank you all for your help. Unfortunately my hotel does not offer the shuttle but I am was offered a shuttle (48 people) for hourish before and hourish after  for about 500. There is only about 8 minutes from the venue to hotel. Do you think thats a decent deal?
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    I think that's a pretty good deal. Basically you're renting from 4 pm ish - about midnight. I may be ignorant, but I havent spoken to any limo companies that don't charge for the time between the 2 trips you need them for. The best price we got for a 42 passenger bus was $950 (incl tip but not tax) for a ~20 mile ride from hotel to church at 3, ~20 mile ride from ceremony to reception, and ~5 mile ride at 11 from reception to hotel. 
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