Low budget in Illinois!

HELP! My fiance and I are getting married some time in 2016 (have not chosen a date yet), and we know that we can't spend more than 10K on a wedding; we honestly don't even want to spend that, but I know it's very hard as we will probably have a guest list of about 120 people.

Is there anyone in the western suburbs of Chicago that knows of any reasonably priced wedding venues/vendors? I'm not good at planning events at all, so this feels like a nightmare. haha

All suggestions are welcome!

Re: Low budget in Illinois!

  • We are working on a low budget as well. It took us TONS of venues to look at before we found something that worked in our budget...which is way under 10K.

    Not positive where you're looking at, but we are booked at The Levy Center in Bolingbrook, IL. Fairly reasonable, but you do have to use outside caterer & whatnot. For this, if you need suggestions, I highly recommend Evendaevents. They are based out of Romeoville, but they have been nothing short of AMAZING! They worked with our budget to help us with food and they'll be taking care of decorations, set up & clean up. Even if you don't need all that or just need a few items, I highly suggest you contact them. I know first hand from some other weddings that they've done that they are wonderful.

    Even though you aren't getting married for awhile, I'd reach out to them & they may be able to give you some other suggestions for venues they recommend as well. Let them know their 10-12-14 bride sent you. It can be a nightmare so now that I've found both the venue & vendor I've been recommending them (especially Evenda) just to save everyone else the hassle that I went through. Good luck!
  • Give some thought to a winter wedding. We are getting a 25% discount on food for a winter date.
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    Consider doing a sunday brunch. People drink less and venues would be cheaper.
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  • If it's not too far for you, you can check out the Public Landing in Lockport, IL. Very reasonable prices for amazing food. You can save a little bit by having your wedding on Sunday, too! Our total cost was right around $10k, though we did lots of other things to save money besides making a prudent venue choice.
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    Check out the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro Downtown, they can definitely work with your budget, and alleviate the stress of finding a caterer, wedding planner and all of those additional add ons that add up. There are also running a promo where you get a $250 visa gift card for every $5000 contracted.
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