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Is Prelude music that important?

I'm about to pull my hair out over songs to pick for the prelude! We're aiming for songs we like with lyrics, as opposed to instrumental. I am driving myself nuts with just picking 5 songs! I keep freaking out that maybe it's not a good mood setter, maybe it's too fast, too slow, etc. Does anyone really even care?

Re: Is Prelude music that important?

  • It's just a part of it all ... and NOT worth fretting or hair pulling, that's for sure.  

    Very few people will hear all of the prelude.  Most of your guests will only hear the last couple of songs before the ceremony begins ... which is where you'll put the five you've already thought of.  

    In fact, tell us how the music is being delivered (Organ?  piano?  DJ?  etc..) and what the five songs you choose are, and I bet you'll get some help in finalizing your list!  

  • I just can't believe how stressful is it! Or I'm just way, way over thinking it. The ceremony music is giving me grief too now...

    The music will be delivered by the DJ, who's having us fill out all the music right now to return to him next month. Now I'm deciding on doing more traditional and instrumental music, which isn't as easy as I thought :(
  • I'm SUPER good at helping.  Give me one (or all) of your prelude songs, and I can help know what you like and make some lovely suggestions.  

    the knot is good for venting, but helping too!

  • I feel like Prelude music is something that no one notices, unless it isn't there.

    Maybe just pick a genre that matches your venue. Our venue had a 1920s/1930s feel to it, so I just downloaded some album off iTunes called "Greatest Hits of the 1920s" or something and burned my favorite 7-10 songs on a CD and handed it to the DJ. It was totally fine and super easy.

  • And were back to the first idea - music with lyrics. My FI really wants "Sharp Dressed Man" to be played while he walks down the aisle. Would it be silly to have the prelude and other ceremony songs just instrumental?

    A few songs we are thinking are
    Vance Joy - "Riptide"
    Michael Buble - "Can't Help Falling in Love With You"
    Mumford and Sons - "The Cave"

    Our venue doesn't have much of a feel to it. It's pretty and I love it, but I don't see any association with a certain genre of music when I look at it :) 
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    Sharp Dressed Man?  That's pretty fun ... and rockin'.  So, i think you can pretty much do anything for prelude.  And to answer your question, yes, you can do instrumental AND lyrics, or not.  Seriously.  

    By the way, if you like Mumford and Sons, you might want to check these out:

    They released 4 free songs as "The Wedding Band" here on their download blog:

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