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One last congratulations

To all of you November brides, we are all now married so I would like to say one last congratulations to all of you! I hope you all have long, happy, successful marriages!
Please post pics!

Re: One last congratulations

  • I really appreciated this board and all the help and support it provided.  We all made it!  

    To any December brides that may be lurking, you will be absolutely fine.  You'll have a great time, you'll have a wonderful husband, and you will have wondered why you fussed over the small things.  

    Maybe we should all meet back here on our one year anniversaries?
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  • I'm down for checking back in!  

    I can't believe it's December!  HA!!  We all lived.  Thank you all sooooo muchhhh for the added dose of sanity!  <3
  • Most definitely! A lot can happen in a year and an update (and maybe pics) would be great.
  • Yes, it has been a pleasure to meet all of you here and I will be definitely come back next year :-)
  • I'm all for a one year check-in!

    This board has been so awesome, and yes- well all made it!! :)
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