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Wedding Make Up & Hair Average Pricing

Hello Everyone!

My fiancé and I are in the process of budgeting our wedding and I am curious about two things regarding hair and makeup:
1.  What is the average cost and time I should plan to spend on good quality hair and makeup the day of my wedding if I hire hair and makeup artists to do it?

2.  Is it usually expected or is there an obligation to pay for my bridesmaids to have their hair done and at what cost per bridesmaid (& the maid of honor?).

I am planning to book a suit at a nice hotel in La Jolla down the street from our ceremony and reception site and I thought it would be fun to have to make up artist come and do my makeup and have a hair stylist do all our hair.  For the bridesmaids and the MOH something simple and beautiful.  I don't want to be stuck paying an 'arm and a leg' though!

Re: Wedding Make Up & Hair Average Pricing

  • 1. This depends on a lot of different things. How long is your hair? What kind of updo do you want? Do you plan to have hair accessories? A good estimation is $200 for hair, and $100 for make-up. This is likely high, but it's better to have over than under budgeted. 

    2. If you have require professional make-up and/or hair, then yes, you are expected to pay for it. If you just give them the option, then, no you aren't responsible for paying for it, because they could just as easily do it themselves. For my wedding, I wanted the girls to have professional make-up done, so I paid for all of them, but gave them the option to get their hair done or not. 
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    The cost of this is going to very, and depends mostly on where you live. Try posting on your local board to see if some other ladies have pricing or suggestions. 

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    The cost will depend on several different factors, including where you live. $200 for hair and $100 for makeup seems low compared to the prices in my area. Try posting on your local board, and research local salons/stylists. If you want the stylists to come to you, they will usually require a minimum amount or number of people. You can save money by getting it done in a salon rather than having them come to you. The amount of time will depend on what kind of style you want, but I would assume at least an hour for hair and an hour for makeup.
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  • This definitely depends on your location and if you need the hair/makeup to travel to you, or you'll have it done at a salon. The longer your hair/more elaborate the hair style you want, if you want extensions, etc. the more it will cost. Also, if you want regular or airbrush makeup will affect the price. I am paying around $80 for my airbrush bridal makeup and the regular BM makeup is $40 (+tip) but travel is included. Right now, I am planning to ask my BM to pay for their own makeup if they want it done professionally - most of them do nice makeup themselves so I'm not that worried about it. As for hair, I haven't booked that yet (been procrastinating actually lol)... I've been seeing prices for bridal updos anywhere from $70-100 and BM updos from $50-60, and blowout & style (for moms) around $30-45 (+ tip). We are planning to pay for the BM to have their hair done professionally. If you are going to require it, you should pay for it, since most women couldn't do a nice updo themselves lol.

    As far as time goes - I would say an hour 1/2 for your hair and an hour for your makeup. I would save 3 hours just to give myself some wiggle room. You may need more than one hair person (every wedding I've went to, there were 2 - one for the bride and 1 for the BMs) depending on the size of your bridal party.
  • WOW! I'm glad I'm getting married in a small town because otherwise I'd be suffering serious sticker-shock. The going rate near my venue (which is very consistent across 4 salons) seems to be $75-80 for hair (up-do) and $30-35 for make-up.

    I'd just do a Google search for salons in the area of your wedding - in my experience those that offer bridal services have their prices listed out on their websites. You'll be able to estimate a budget pretty quickly once you see what the price ranges are.
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    My hair and make up was $350 and $175 per person otherwise.
  • I paid $400 (or was it $450?) for make up artist to come to venue and do my make up, my one attendant, my mom, and husband's mom.  It took almost an hour for my make up, a little less for each of theirs.  Mine took longer just because we took photos and did more with the lashes.  My MUA was really cool, so she and her date stayed to party.  
  • Like other posters said, it depends on where you are and how many people you plan to have their hair & makeup done. That affects how many people need to come to your place to make sure you all are ready in a reasonable time. I didn't have the budget (or location) for them to come to us. So I offered to make the appointments for anyone that wanted to come to the salon to get done there. Updo's were $50 I, make up was $35 per person & blow outs (which is what most of the girls got) was $30. It was great because they just cleared the schedule of the number of stylist we needed and we were all done in about 60-90 minutes and then had some time to relax before heading to the church to get dressed. Now had we had them come to a location for us, it would have been $70 for an updo and $50 for a blow out and make up $55. So basically an extra $20 per service, not counting the additional tip then for the higher price. Plus with having 7 girls, we wouldn't have all been done so quickly so I would have felt obligated to provide food & beverages to all of the women while they waited around getting their hair done.
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