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Amateur Videographer/ Trying to build Portfolio

I want to have a few special parts of the wedding video taped but I do not want to spend a large amount of money. I also do not need full day. I have seen some people using film students or people trying to become proferssional and build their portfolio. How have you found these people?
Thanks so much for your help!

Re: Amateur Videographer/ Trying to build Portfolio

  • My mother did this for her 2nd wedding and it was a disaster. She hired a film student from the local community college and paid $500. The videographer did not know how to edit and she literally got 2 hours of uncut, unedited video footage. You could hear conversations, the sound was terrible and it literally looked like I stood there with a camcorder.

    I am paying $1,500 for my video which includes coverage from the ceremony until the end of the ceremony, 1 blue ray dvd, the Video on a flash drive and the edited video will be 1 hour long. If you can afford it I would spend the money. My brother and sister in law watch their video more then they look at their pictures.
  • What's your budget? The videographers I've met with have hourly rates. Is it ceremony only? or reception also?
  • Videography, like photography, is hard.  Dark churches, darker venues, needing to micm multiple people wirelessly, etc,. etc., etc.  I imagine to do it well, even to provide only basic news coverage and nothing creative, probably requires far more equipment and skill than he average student has. 

    Not a bad way to go if you have low expectations and it's the only way to get it done, but you're certain to be disappointed if you expect anything even approaching professional results.

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