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Invitations - include map & program/itinerary?

I'm not sure what the proper protocol or etiquette is for this. At this point, I am planning to have a meet and greet on a DDB the night before the wedding; since people will be coming from the States and from Australia, and getting in at all different times and locations, I want it known when they RSVP that the meet and greet is happening the night before the ceremony and reception. What is the best way to do this? Should I include a program in the invites that shows the itinerary for those two days? Should I maybe also include a map of Caesar's (where the ceremony and reception are)?

Re: Invitations - include map & program/itinerary?

  • No way could I have put an itinerary in with my invitation. We changed our minds a few times. We will hand out our itinerary when we first see people.
  • We are putting them in the welcome bags. I have changed my mind so many times...shoot even my invites aren't right anymore since we moved to the Platinum Hotel lol
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  • Are you having a wedding website? I directed people on my STD and invites to my website where I have the details listed (which can be changed) and guest are notified. I will also have an itinerary in the welcome bags. We are only have a small grooms dinner with parents and bridal party the night before. I am sure my aunts will have a little meet and greet also the night before which when time gets closer I'll add to my website. Look at Appy Couple @Rosebubbly‌ recommended the website as you can create different events to invite those you want and your guests are emailed then can RSVP. @Rosebubbly‌ can you speak to how the website worked out for you? Did you use all the online messaging and RSVPs?
  • Appycouple worked great!!! We did have some people RSVP through it, and we got an email notification and everything. The app really came alive this weekend too when people posted all thier weekend pics to it!
  • I posted my itinerary on our website, emailed a PDF to each guest 5 days before the ceremony and printed it out and gave it to everyone too.   Even with that we had one couple miss the ceremony by 10 minutes! Ha!  There is no way it could have gone with the invitations, I had several changes in the last couple of weeks.
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  • @KrisLSmiley‌ !!!!! How'd everything go!!!??? Congrats!!!!
  • We did the itenerary on our website too and just referenced it in the invite.

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  • Thank you everyone! I don't have a wedding website as of yet and was going to try to avoid doing one, but I suppose it is really good to have. I'm definitely gonna look into appycouple as well!
  • we came from Australia too - as did most of our guests. Our invitation included a booklet with an itinerary, map and other information. As people where coming so far, and its a big holiday for most, our invites were sent out 10 months in advance so people knew when to book their holiday. STD were sent out about 18 months in advance so people could start saving!
  • @AustralianSam wow, you were really on top of things! That makes me rethink my invite and RSVP timelines a bit. We don't have too many people coming from Australia, most are coming from New York, but now I wonder if I should send the invites much sooner than I had originally planned! 
  • My wedding was in Oct 2014, I sent save the dates out Nov 2013, then sent my invites April 2014 and ask for the RSVP buy 7/1/14 so people had plenty of time to book and make arrangements. I mean I know for my own self I need 6 mths to a year to plan a trip between work schedules and such
  • Also -  the Vegas Travel guide from the tourism center is perfect for out of town guest. It has a great map in it, and all kinds of great info. My guest all luved it and best part it was completely free!
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  • @jayjay Thank you for the info! I will definitely reach out to them. And I may go more by your timeline for invites now - I think that people will appreciate it, plus I'd love to get a final guest count sooner than later!
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