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Guests on honeymoon

Hi ladies! Fiancé and I from IN and plan to honeymoon in May 2015 in theDominican Republic. We are having a hard time deciding on how to incorporate friends into our actual wedding. We don't think we really want to get married with just us in the Dominican, and feel that most people would be unable to make this trip. We are considering getting married on a beach in FL but it seems that all that flying on our end is a little overwhelming. For those that have or are doing a destination wedding, did any of you go one place for the wedding so guests could come then honeymoon elsewhere on your own? We were thinking Key West,FL but it seems two places adds up pretty quickly. We are also having a reception when we return so friends could join in on that. Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

Re: Guests on honeymoon

  • I have heard of some couples that change resorts after the reception so that they get a little more alone time after the wedding. We had our wedding on a Saturday and most people left the island by Monday. We stayed the following week so we still had plenty of alone time. I agree that having a destination wedding one place, and then jetting off quickly thereafter seems like a lot of work. 
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  • We had our DW in Tulum, Mexico. We arrived on a Wednesday, our wedding was on Saturday then we left for Maroma Beach on Monday. It worked out perfectly. Those who wanted to stay on longer could and we honeymooned alone.

  • We did not have any guests, but we married at one resort toward the Southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and then moved to another resort toward the Northern tip for most the honeymoon. We did stay at the wedding resort for a few days after the wedding, but again, we were there by ourselves. We would have done the same if we had invited anyone.


  • We're getting married on one island in Hawaii and then off to honeymoon on two others. We'll be having guests join us if possible before the wedding to enjoy a little of Hawaii together. It isn't a cheap option, but hopefully that will let us enjoy a destination wedding with whoever can/will show up and follow it up with a honeymoon nearby (but far enough away that hopefully we'll have some alone time afterwards). 
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    We got married in Hawaii.  Guests showed up and left when it worked for them.  We technically spent the last 5 days mainly with my family (the time before the wedding with his).  We'd hang out on the beach and go for dinner with them, but we were also in separate hotels.  It wasn't an issue for us.  We also lived together for a couple of years before the wedding, so maybe a HM with family and friends didn't have the same impact.  We decided a few months later that this was our wedding trip and we could afford a HM, so we took a separate trip several months after.  It was a nice excuse to travel too.  :)
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  • You could do a less-expensive destination wedding somewhere like Florida, then for your one-year anniversary, go to the Dominican, etc.  Spread out the fun!  
  • We are getting married on Maui.  We will be there 6 days before the wedding and 5 days after.  Guests will come and go as they please.  We will then head to the Big Island for 5 days and some family is doing the same thing as well.  No big deal to us.
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    We had and embarkation wedding on a cruise ship.  The wedding was in New Orleans, before the cruise and we were allowed to have people come onboard for the wedding without cruising.  We had about 10 people that came to New Orleans for the wedding, but didn't go on cruise. And then we had about 15 that went on the cruise with us (mainly parents & siblings).  For the people that cruised with us, we joined them for dinner once or twice, hung out a few times, and did a couple excursions together, but DH and I still had plenty of time to ourselves for our honeymoon. We never felt like they were crowding our honeymoon or inconveniencing us. They all wanted to enjoy their own vacation too, not just follow us around all week.  Going on to a separate location may be a good idea if it's feasible, but staying at same location as the wedding won't necessarily ruin the honeymoon.  People won't want to impede on your honeymoon and they will want to enjoy their own vacation there.


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