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Anyone leave right from Vegas to another destination? We didn't but, I'm trying to find a honeymoon spot and can't make up my mind for the life of me! A part of me really just wants to go back to Vegas (use all that wonderful Mlife points). Tropics vs. Vegas..Help?

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    I'm in the same boat. Local options:
    - 2-3 more days in Vegas
    - Sedona

  • We considered doing that but there was no way to get the Caribbean from Vegas same day.  We didn't want to waste a night in some connecting city, so we stayed in Vegas a few more days, did a few in New Orleans and then flew to Antigua for the remainder.

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  • We came home for 5 days and then are going on a cruise.  I was lucky to be able to take several weeks off of work so the extra days of downtime inbetween Vegas and our honeymoon have been great.
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  • So I'm irritated with our honeymoon as I didn't think it through. We are going on a cruise right after...but to be in New Orleans in time to board the boat, we have to get a 6am flight on Sunday (we are getting married Saturday!). I might just go to the airport slightly buzzed and in my nightclub outfit haha
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  • We're coming over from the UK and doing San Fran, Vegas then Mexico, overnight flight to Mexico so also saves cost of a hotel room - every saving helps with a 3 week holiday and wedding in the middle!
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    We spent a couple extra days in Vegas, mostly to wind down and relax before traveling home. We didn't take our "honeymoon" until a few months later, as we'd used up our PTO for the year during our wedding. We went to NYC for our honeymoon.
  • We weren't able to find a decent flight to the Caribbean from Vegas so we came back to the east coast for a few days. We're leaving for Jamaica tomorrow morning! Can't wait. We needed the extra rest. There's no way I could've packed diversely enough for Vegas and Jamaica. I only wish I had taken this whole week off and not gone back to work for a few days!
  • Love hearing all these plans! We are doing a few days in Vegas before our wedding (a Saturday) and an extra day/night after. We will fly back to the east coast Monday morning and then fly out late that night for Istanbul and Dubai. Can't wait!
  • I think that is a smart idea. Go home rest and take your dress and what not back relax and then get ready for the honeymoon...I like that!
  • We stayed in Vegas for a few extra days after the wedding, then had about 4 days off at home to relax.  We are doing a Sandals trip for our first anniversary!  
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    We are locals and do lots of staycations so we wanted to get out of town for our honeymoon. As every PP has said, flights from Vegas to the Caribbean pretty much suck... we fly out at 6am two days after the wedding and land in Mexico at 2pm, so not horrible. We are spending 6 nights at Secrets Maroma Beach. Can't wait!!! I'm a teacher so we planned our wedding and honeymoon around my Spring Break so I'm taking days off before and after, but didn't have to take off extra for the honeymoon. It works out nicely.
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  • Rosebubbly where are you staying in Jamaica?? That's where I'm considering too. I'm thinking Montego Bay vs. Ochos Rio and the Hotel options are so vast, I seriously can't make a desicion! 
  • We are staying in Vegas 5 days after the wedding.  That was a compromise... I told my Fiance that if he wanted to stay longer in Vegas, he has to take me on a tropical trip sometime during our first married year! :)  So, we'll see what happens... either way, it'll be nice to relax a few days as newlyweds. 
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  • @jayjaay‌ we were planning a brand new hotel but alas it didn't open in time so were currently at Couples Swept Away in Negril. It's awesome! In the past we have also stayed at Sandals Montego Bay which was good too although if going there you'll wanna upgrade room categories. I'm not into Ochos rios due to the drive. We took a little tiny airplane from Montego Bay to negril. 15 minute ride....
    I think you can take a plane from Montego Bay to ochi too though.
  • @Rosebubbly, really a lil flight to Ochos, I'm gonna hafta look into that cause there is a amazing brand new resort there I wanna try. Thanks for the info :-) Enjoy your honeymoon!
  • @jayjaay‌ we flew timair. Look into it! Awesome! Saves you the two to three hour drive on a bus.
  • Amazing - thank you!!! And any tips for a 1st timer in jamacia please share :-)
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