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DJ or no?

I had originally thought I would have a DJ but now that our wedding has become "real" our guest list is getting smaller and smaller.  We will probably end up having less than 20 guests.  Is it worth it to have a DJ for such a small crowd?  We're having a 3 hour reception so I don't know what else we would do.  Thoughts?

Re: DJ or no?

  • We are having about 30 people.  We are having 2 guys with guitars/ukuleles play for our ceremony, cocktail hour and first dances.  We are then using our Ipod.  We will just create a play list.  We didn't want to pay for a DJ for a small group but still want music.  The musicians have a sound system we can rent for a reasonable price.  Our caterer also had one. 
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    I feel like this depends a lot on your venue -- is the space equipped for a DJ? Or is it a more intimate space that would be better suited to having individual musicians? 
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    I was thinking the same thing. We are going back and forth on whether or not we want a destination wedding. It's really important to me to have a father/daughter dance and I've had the song picked out since I was about 6. I like the idea of an iPod! Any other ideas?

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    We had a mariachi band for the cocktail hour, and a DJ for the reception. But, I also had a larger DW. I've seen the ipod thing work great and many venues have a soundsystem you can use or rent.
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  •  like you I have been going back and forth on the DJ or IPOD and it will greatly depend on the final guest count. If 10 or less IPOD if more than 10 DJ. Hopefully that will put things in perspective. Good luck!
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