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Is anyone else tired of seeing fit and flair dresses?

(I'm posting this here because I figure maybe you guys are less likely to follow trends...sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings..I just need to get it out)

I swear every single bride is buying this style of dress nowadays. I just wish girls would be more adventurous.

Re: Is anyone else tired of seeing fit and flair dresses?

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    I'm a sucker for the fit and flare silhouette, so I still like them, but many of them do look a bit cookie cutter to me. 

    My personal it's-far-too-done wedding dress is the strapless sweetheart neckline. 

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    I love fit and flares but I'm a sucker for a skirt that I can twirl in. I'm not a fan of the long dresses though. I like the tea length dresses the best.
  • I like them.. at one time the ball gown was the thing to do.  I think most dresses follow some sort of cookie cutter theme unless it's truley unique like the Gypsy wedding girls on TV I'm not sure how more off beat you can get then that :)
  • I am a twig so I disappear in the ballgown style. I like the fit and flare look because it gives me some curves. My dress will have to have straps though, because I can't keep a strapless in place, plus I will be getting married at an amusement park and want to be able to ride the rides without any worry!
  • I certainly understand your point since they do seem to be the most popular style right now.  However, I think there's a reason why many people like it. It suits the current aesthetic of showing off the figure and is a really refreshing departure from the poofy styles of the 80s and 90s.  I personally love the fit and flare or trumpet styles and so far have found them to be the most flattering shape for me.  I have not yet purchased a dress, but am eyeing a few of that shape. Certainly there are some variations within the style, some more mermaid shaped, some more column shaped.  It'll be interesting to see how wedding dress styles change over the next decade or so.  I do think there is a reasonable basis for your boredom with the fit and flare style.  What more adventurous style(s) do you like better?
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    Fit and Flare can be pretty flattering.

    I am sick to death of strapless, myself. I will have sleeves or die trying. 
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  • I think fit and flare/mermaid cuts are the most flattering on me, personally. I mean, technically ballgown and A-line have been done to death too, which leaves me very few options.

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  • Fit and flare just isn't me, I'm going for a 50s T style dress, but I've been to a fair few weddings where the bride wore a fit and flare, and they all looked very different, and very beautiful, so I'm not really bored of them. I do get where you are coming from though, watching shows like Say Yes to the Dress, it seems to be what everyone wears.
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  • I think part of the reason I don't like them is because I can't pull them off. I am too short and curvy, lol. In addition, they just aren't my style.

    But on other ladies they look wonderful! 
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  • Personally loved my fit & flair dress and it was lace strapless sweetheart. Completely classic and some may say boring even, but it was the only thing that just felt right and actually made me cry when I tried it on. Funny thing was is that I didn't want a lace dress or strapless at all. 
  • I want mine to be a fit & flare/mermaid also, but as an offbeat bride it will be different.
    I haven't event found an internet picture that depicts what I exactly want
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    I originally didn't think I wanted a fit and flare, but it sure did look good on me.  So to avoid looking like so many other beautiful brides, my dress was a lavender color with ivory lace.
  • I like them, but then, they work well for me. Meanwhile, I hate poofy gowns in general, and the sweetheart strapless look on myself, though many of my friends can pull each off just fine. So I'll probably wind up with a fit and flare with straps, probably mermaid, because it works well with my body type (broad shoulders, long torso, short legs, modest-to-average curves). My main departure from the norm is the color: if I can find one that's affordable and looks good on me, I want it to have red in it, as a nod to his side of the family.

    Though to be honest I don't mind looking otherwise like a traditional bride; I actually look forward to that part.
  • To each their own. I'm not a fan of the mermaid dressed but love fit and dresses with some flair on other people. Or just fit dresses. I personally wouldn't be able to wear one because they are very confining with the legs, its hard to sit without having to hike or dress up a little, and I don't like my thighs rubbing against each other. :P 
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    I have to agree with the original post, AND the one who dislikes strapless/sweetheart necklines. These are done to death and, while they may work on many figure types, they do not work on everyone, including me. I'm petite, small on top and fuller on the bottom (due to bone structure, I'm thin). So I have nothing to hold it up with if there are no straps, and don't want to emphasize my hips with a big, pouffy flair. I think these popular styles are only good on those who were born with the perfect classic hourglass figure. I'm personally going for a custom-made, flowy A-line with sheer chiffon split sleeves.

    I think one's tastes, and what works best on one's body type, trump those tired cookie-cutter trends any day. I'd rather see a unique dress that works on the bride's body and with her personal style and wedding style than see someone who's tried too hard to look like everybody else's mental picture of a cookie-cutter bride. 

    That said, If a cookie-cutter dress works for you and it's what you love, then rock it. No judgement here. Just do whatever works best for YOU. Be your best "you" on that day, whatever that may be. :) 

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