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Anyone else having bridesmen?

I had my 3 brothers as bridesmen, a concept totally foreign to my family and friends. A lot of people were very skeptical. Anyone else dealing with negative feedback on their new approach to a traditional wedding party? Stick to your guns and make sure you don't just invite anyone up there to keep the numbers or genders even. 

Re: Anyone else having bridesmen?

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    We had a groomsmaid, and the general reaction was, "Awww, Jane Doe is standing up for DH? How nice!"
    I'm sorry you had to deal with skepticism! 

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    I would be willing to ask my brother to be a bridesman, although I doubt he would do it.  He'd want me to ask his wife and/or daughter to be in my wedding party instead, especially because I was a bridesmaid at their wedding.
  • I'm having a bridesman and the only person who's said anything is him (our other BFF made him a groomsman when she got married so he didn't realize that standing on my side was an option). I was surprised he assumed he wouldn't be standing on my side and he was surprised since he always assumed he'd be a groomsman. We got that cleared up yesterday and I had to apologize for not making it more clear from the get-go. 
  • I think this is wonderful! I have been wanting to ask my brother but it would make our sides uneven and my Mom would be sitting alone. My Dad is doing the ceremony. I asked him to the reading instead, he seemed honored at that. I say have them stand up with you!
  • I am but i'm calling him my "bro-maid"
  • Definitely stick to your guns. I LOVE seeing non-traditional bridal parties at weddings. At the end of the day it's about honoring the people you are closest too. We're not having a bridal party because most people are out of town and we just wanted to keep things simple. However, we did talk about it and if we had done one it would have been very mixed: my sister, two brothers, and best friend on my side, and his brother, sister, and best friend (who is a woman) on his side.
  • We had a groomslady, and it was awesome!  She and her fiance even attended the bachelor party and had a blast.  A few older relatives didn't really get it when we tried to explain it during the planning, but everyone thought it was great the day of the wedding.  She escorted my husband's recent-widower grandfather down the aisle and it was adorable!  She wore a long black dress from the same designer as the bridesmaids' dresses to blend in with the guys in white tie, and it looked gorgeous. 
  • That sounds great! Try not to let the criticism get to you. My future cousin in law (if that's a thing) who is also engaged, asked her brother to be her Man of Honor because they have a very close relationship. I think that's awesome.
  • FI is having a Best Man and a Best Woman, I am having 2 MOH.  I think its pretty awesome, nobody seems to think its a big deal as of yet.
  • I am! We're having a bridesman and a groomsmaid. :-)
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    In my nephew's wedding, his bride had her brother on her side, he was called Bride's Attendant in the program and the introductions.

    It looked perfectly natural, and I didn't hear anyone remarking on it. A lot of people are getting more open-minded, especially when it isn't hurting anyone.

    In the olden days, her brother would have had to be on the groom's side, even if he and the groom weren't close. Then the bride would have had to pick 2 more girls, to even things out. Sounds silly. The new way of guys/girls on either side, not having to be even, is much better in every way.

  • We most certainly are :)  I am gay and both my fiance and I are having men on both sides.  My brother will stand on my side and she is having her uncle and best friend stand on her side.  Her best friend, who is a male, is her Man of Honor, and we asked her uncle and my brother to be groomsmen.  Buy yes, same concept.  On the flip side, I was my brother's "Woman of Honor" and although I stood on my sister-in-law's side, I gave the pseudo best man speech.  It was awesome and everyone thought "How cool is that" that my brother asked me to do that for him.  
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