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Reviews! PH Hotel/Chapel, Panorama Suite, The Mobile Minister, Perfect HMU- with photos 11/29/14

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Planet Hollywood - Hotel

Panorama Suite-  we initally just had the suite booked for 3 nights for the Meet and greet days but were able to work out a deal with the front desk and stayed there for  our entire stay of 10 days for about a third of the regular rate!  Luckily it was a fairly quiet time in LV so we could negotiate.  It was awesome not to have to move rooms.  We had the meet and greet on Friday night.  Had about 35 people in the suite.  There wasn’t a ton of room for food but we rearranged the furniture and it worked out OK.  The suite had an awesome view of the Bellagio fountains and Paris.  2 bathrooms, a bar, a giant bathtub which we put the big cooler in that we rented.  I gave the woman that checked us in $20 to thank her for her help and from then on I got great service at the front desk.  I had to check in 3 other groups and they were very helpful getting them great rooms (and then I tipped them again).  $20 can go a long way and it really helps to have a buddy at the front desk!

The suite was great, behind a double set of doors with a doorbell.  The doorbell didn’t work the first night, had maintenance come by and someone had stolen it so that’s why it didn’t work.  LOL  Also had a broken chair, they replaced the pair of chairs as soon as we mentioned it.  Really enjoyed our stay here.  It was really convenient with the mall attached too.  We ended up there many times through out the week.


Planet Hollywood Chapel-

Lovely place, easy for my guests to find, beautiful glass sculptures behind and it was reasonably priced.  They let me pay the outside photographer fee too.

**  added two photos of PH and Roland is in the backround


The Mobile Minister - Roland August

Roland was amazing.  My new FIL said it was the best wedding he’d ever been to.  Awesome fun ceremony!  He also arranged the Planet Hollywood chapel for us so we didn’t have to buy one of their packages.  He also did my flowers.  Simple rose bouquets at a great price.  So glad I had him do that too.


Dress and suit pressing-  I sent them out to have it pressed at Planet Hollywood, only charged me $75 for the dress and it was back the same day.  I also had my gown sent out for cleaning after the wedding because it was filthy (vegas streets are so dirty!) but they didn’t do a great job on that so we ended up not paying for it.


Extra alcohol -  we had a bunch of unopened booze left when we were checking out so I put it all on a room service cart, rolled it down by the elevators and put a Free sign on it saying it was left over from our wedding and Free!  When we went to leave 30 minutes later most of it was gone.  So much better than throwing it away!

Perfect Hair and Makeup-

I had owners Irina and Michelle do 2 trials on previous visits so I wasn’t too worried about my makeup.  I had them do my H&M on Friday before the meet and greet and then again the next day for the wedding.  Loved my hair and makeup both times.  My friend also got hers done and she looked great too.

We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014

Re: Reviews! PH Hotel/Chapel, Panorama Suite, The Mobile Minister, Perfect HMU- with photos 11/29/14

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