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Nevada-Las Vegas

Nice venue, kid friendly?

Most nice venues with strip view won't allow kids if you're serving alcohol. Any recommendations? The casinos are def out!

Re: Nice venue, kid friendly?

  • I think that depends on how many people you are going to have and what kind of venue you want.  I think you would be perfectly fine in a private room in a restaurant on the strip.  
  • We had 2 kids under 2 and an 11 year old at Joe's Stone Crab in their Gigi Room.  No problems with kids there at all.  They even made a special meal for the 11 year old (a grilled cheese sandwich and she was thrilled!)
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • We just viewed the Stardust room at The Orlean's hotel this past weekend. They have in the hotel a kids zone, movie theater, bowling alley, and video arcade. I think the kid zone you pay 8.00 the first hour and 2.00 an hour after that for up to a max of 5 hours a day. 

    We are thinking of utilizing this as we have our own kids(7 and 8) who will be at the wedding but we are thinking of taking them down after the party gets going in the receiption for them to have their own fun. 

    It's a thought! 
  • I second a private room at a restaurant. We will have a few teens at our reception at a strip restaurant and kids are no problem. I am sure you could find many similar options!
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