Where to place I love lucy theme song

I am a big I Love Lucy fan and before we were even engaged we talked about using the theme song at our wedding somewhere. Surprisingly FI actually suggested it. But I'm not sure when we should play the song. It's not long, it's less than a minute. Recessional? Cake cutting? B&G entrance song? What do you think?

Re: Where to place I love lucy theme song

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    I think any of the 3 places you listed would be great! My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, so we did Star Wars music for our recessional.
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  • Agreed.  Any of your ideas would work ... as would Bouquet or garter (if you're doing those).

    I love a personalized wedding.  Seriously, I'd rather hear I Love Lucy while B & G cut the cake, than "Cut The Cake" or "How Sweet it is".  Seriously.  

  • Any of the times you mentioned would be awesome. What a good idea!

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  • What a great idea! I think it would be especially cute for your entrance into the reception. 
  • Another vote for entrance.
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