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Hi All,

I am looking for an open air photo booth for my wedding in Menomonee Falls on 12/31/14. Surprisingly, even with the holiday date I haven't run into many that were totally booked - it is the open air booth that has been a challenge! I have found ones available that are 1,000+ but I am looking to spend less than that if possible. I am hoping to have a backdrop (even if I have to provide it) and prints available on site. Any tips would be appreciated!

Re: Photo Booths - Milwaukee area

  • We went with Shutterbooth - $700. Loved it!! 
  • I know this is very last minute, but if you still are looking, we are going with Shutterbooth and are paying $475 for 4 hours + idle, props, book, etc.

    Granted, we took advantage of a special and our wedding coordinator helped us negotiate a solid deal.
    They have the nicest photo booths of any of the companies I've seen, though.
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