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Is anyone signed up to use Beth Engel? I was suppose to have her as my photographer for my July wedding. After sending in my second installment, I have not heard from her. She is no longer in the home/office where she used to be. She hasn't not responded to any emails the past months or phone calls. I now have her cell phone, but her mailbox is full. HELP!!!!


I would love to get my deposit back?!?

Re: Beth Engel-MIA

  • First, I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. We actually met with her to be our photographer last year, but chose someone else because we wanted printing rights.

    Often, the only way to do this when there are messy legal logistics is to take them to small claims court. I know this seems scary, but as long as you have a copy of the contract, this seems like an open and shut case.

    Good luck with the deposit and finding another photographer!

  • I had something similar happen to me when I purchased about 200 custom made ceramic pieces. I paid in full , but never received my order. I ended up filing a complaint with the attorney general's office. Prior to making my complaint I had tracked the owner down on facebook, sent all types of letters via facebook, email and snail mail to back up the evidence I needed for the attorney general. I even went as far as contacting her family members that I could find on her facebook. Within a month after making my official complaint with the attorney general, I received my order in full! 
  • I just posted this to another thread about Beth Engel:

    While I TOTALLY cannot empathize and do not think this will at all cover the emotional price of missing photos, I think you should file the suit and in the requested amount you should file for the high res edited photos, a refund, AND monetary damage. I believe the limit is 10k or less. I'd file for the full 10k. It's really easy and I think it would also help recover your photos for one reason, if you file and win you can also file a docket and/or garnish wages. In the most basic sense, a docket basically says if she tries to sell her major property (car, house) that she cannot until she satisfies the judgement against her.

    I'm not sure of the statue of limitations, however, I would hurry and check it out. I filed a small claims suit against my old roommate once. So, I know that iIf you want to file you will file where your contract was signed and you will pay a fee (around $100). The chance of you winning against her is pretty high if she is now in TX because if she doesn't show up, you automatically win. If you win, she is automatically required to pay the court fees as well. They are on the accused if the accused is found responsible.

    If you do win, you'll be setting a precedence for other couples. My guess is that nobody has ever done this and that is why she continues to take advantage of other couples. 

    I'm really sorry.

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