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Music Box Supper Club-for possible wedding reception in August 2015

Has anyone attended a wedding reception at the Music Box Supper Club down in the West Flats?  For some reason, I just came across this place as a possible venue.  Waiting to hear back from them on pricing.  Just concerned since our wedding reception is in August and its right next door to Shooters.  

Re: Music Box Supper Club-for possible wedding reception in August 2015

  • i inquired after you posted this. they require a 10k in liquor sales and food sales for the main floor and 15k for the top floor or something like that (my email wont open so i cant give you exact) i saw that and i was like that is not happening since that is all my budget. downtown cle will be expensive no way will it be cheap. the farther out of cle you go the cheaper it gets. interesting place picture wise but the price is what turned us away. 
  • Yeah I was told the same thing.  However, I explained my budget and things we would be willing to compromise on and she's checking with the owners.  I too was taken back by the min in food and liquor sales.  And lets be honest here, they are not a 5 star dining facility or in a top notch hotel that can charge those kind of prices.  they are beside shooters and a strip club...i don't see how they would ever get those prices from people.  I did ask how many receptions they've had since they have opened and she never answered so I am sure it hasn't been many.  Im anxious to hear what she comes back with once she has spoken to the owners.  
  • lmk what she says.i told her our budget was 10k and min of 10k in food and liqour sales would make us far out of budget. I'll probably go else where because of price. just because you are in the flats does not mean you have to be outrageous on price. like you said they are next to a strip joint and shooters. the prictures they sent me were ok no real wow factor though
  • I would check out the parking situation also to see if your guests will have to pay for parking or not or if the venue as their own private parking lot. When I've gone done there to go to the Improv which is in the same area, we've had to pay to park.
  • Good point Erikan73, never thought about that!  I am still waiting to hear back from her and once I do, I will mention the parking situation.  Thanks for the tip :) 
  • so my fi and i drove by this place last weekend. location was shitty parking was limited and christies was right next door. i didnt care for it.
  • My work had our holiday party here a few weeks ago.  the place is very nice on the inside and a great place to have parties but i can see where the party is going to be an issue.  and lets be honest here, it is next door to a strip club! lol  don't think i want our guests wondering off to the strip club! :) 
  • plus i did hear back from them and was not impressed by the proposal they sent.  to expensive for what you get in my opinion.  
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