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Can you help me with my shoes??

Hi Everyone!

I tried searching for this topic or something similar in the threads and didn't see much. This is my first post here and I'm hoping you can help! I am super stuck as to what I should do for my wedding shoes. I figure because of the style of my dress (below) I should not have shoes that are too clunky, and most brides that I have seen in this dress have beach weddings so they have sandals or are barefoot. I am not a fan of strappy shoes, and I need something with height because my fiance is easily a foot plus taller than me (wearing 3-4 inch heels just gets me to his shoulder). 

I bought a pair of Chinese Laundry heels that I thought would be perfect but the color doesn't match (the shoes look dirty next to my dress) and they're too tight around my toes. If I can stretch the shoes out to fit me with a shoe horn/break them in, I considered dying/painting the shoes because I'd love to have a fun color pop under my dress, but my fiance thinks that's a bad idea even though my sister and bridesmaids like the idea. Other than these shoes, I am at a total loss. I have to start my fittings this month (January) so I need to find something quick but I don't know what to do. 

Something else to note is that I don't want to spend a lot of money on my shoes because after all of the formal dances, etc. I am changing out of my dress into a lighter party dress my sister is making for me and changing into my cowboy boots (because that's more my thing).

Can anyone help me/give opinions on my ideas? I'm starting to really stress about it :(

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Re: Can you help me with my shoes??

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    The dress is long enough to cover your feet, I don't think anyone will see your shoes. Those shoes will probably look fine with it. If anyone wants to see your shoes, just hitch up your dress so that the fabric isn't right next to the shoes in case you're concerned about the mismatched whites.

    Also, if you want colorful shoes, your FI can hit the chill button. They're going on your feet.

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    Well you don't need your exact shoe for fittings, as long as you know what the height will be. I brought a random pair of heels to my fitting that were 3.5 inches because I knew that I'd be buying a pair that were 3.5 inches (standard heel height without a platform).

    And go for color if you want it! They are barely going to be seen. I wore a pair of teal suede Jessica Simpson pumps that I picked up on clearance for $30. They don't have to be lacey and bridaly at all, just any shoes that you love and are comfy!

    And shoutout to Bridgewater, I'm near Worcester!



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