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Ceremony / Vows ?

Okay I need some help understanding how the ceremony verbiage works? Do I write and give to the minister when I arrive? We for sure planned to write out our own special vows, but what about the rest? We are non-traditional. I had not even thought about asking the W/C this question. Just remembered tonight ..... What did you gals do?

Re: Ceremony / Vows ?

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    If you're doing a resort wedding package with a supplied officiant you should definitely contact your coordinator to find out if you can script what the officiant says; assuming you want to do that.  Keep in mind that most officiants are well versed with religious vs non, and it will probably sound less scripted if you don't have them read something you wrote after meeting you five minutes prior; just the nature of the business.

    Do you have a friend/family who could get ordained and go through the registration process to officiate your wedding instead?  Would probably be more personal that way.  Just an option to consider; it's also fairly common in Vegas.

    Only other suggestion I could have is that if you watch a bunch of weddings, maybe you'll find an officiant that you like at the resort you're using so you can hire them specifically; that's how my wife and I found Rev Roland:


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  • Thank for the help! I like the ideas :/)
    Ceremony is very small at Flamingo Chapel Falls (outside) - we just did ala-cart with no package. I will call and ask them what they plan to provide or if I can select a Rev as you suggested.
  • We wrote our vows a couple of weeks before the ceremony and emailed them to the minister we chose to perform our ceremony (not provided by the resort).  We didn't want to share our vows with each other before the actual day but we did need someone to make sure we were on the same page in terms of length and tone (ie: one wasn't a tear-jerker and the other a comedy routine).  We were pretty sure we had similar promises to one another because we agreed we would try to keep them at around a minute, minute and a half, tops and we had a loose "outline" to follow.  After the minister confirmed we were pretty in-sync with one another, we individually printed a copy out and just brought them with us to Vegas.  Rev. Linda did a reading we selected and then we read our vows to one another.  For us, it was perfect and as long as Rev. Linda knew ahead of time how long they were and how they'd fit into the rest of the ceremony, there was no problem at all.
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    @nyvegaslove I have been debating on using Flamingo and Sky Chapel. They just told me they don't do ala carte. Or maybe I am asking the wrong questions. I'm bummed because I know other brides have had this option.
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