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Decorating Ideas! (Lots of rules at venue...)

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Hello all! We are planning a wedding here in quick time (my father has terminal cancer and I want him to be there) so we are planning for March! In North Dakota obviously it has to be inside since we have 2 feet of snow, so we have chosen one of two venues available in town (very small community) for the reception. They do have quite a few rules as far as decorating, and I'm a little stumped on how to make it work! I have attached two photos of the rooms (the wall breaks down between them) so you can see where we will eat, and the dance floor area. 

They do not allow anything to be attached to the walls, even with command strips. The only thing they have is eye hooks around the outside walls, and inside the dropped ceiling above the dance floor. The manager had mentioned people had used magnets to affix decorations to the ceiling previously, and a friend had mentioned using fishing line to string to the ceiling as well, but I'm just a bit lost on what to do for decor, and on a budget. We are also hoping to have a freestanding photo area in one corner, so that guests can have a nice background to take photos. We'd like to be able to hang things from the ceiling to make it look a little less like a hotel event room, and maybe even find some cheap christmas lights this time of year (white ones) to hang above the dance floor. Colors are looking like they'll be mostly a deep purple with turquoise and white accents. We will also need some sort of a backdrop behind the head table, but again, can't even command strip a banner to the walls. 

Thoughts or suggestions? It's not that big of a space, but it's what's available in a small town. Thank you!!

Re: Decorating Ideas! (Lots of rules at venue...)

  • I never think that things attached to the ceiling or walls look great anyway.  You could bring in pipe and drapery to stand against the walls.  Then you'd have fabric walls. Otherwise, I'd say this is the space you have and just deal with it.
  • I had pink up lighting along the walls in my reception space. The venue provided it, so I'm not sure about the cost, but that plus candles all around the room made it beautiful.
  • imageThis picture was taken after the reception ended, and only a few lingering family members were still around, but you can see the lights along the walls well. 
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    Maybe you can stand some tall potted plants or poles against the walls that you can string streamers or bunting between?
  • imageI couldn't get this to add to the other picture, but anyway, you can see that lights were how we had our venue decorated. We personally didn't have anything added to the walls. I do have to say, though, that the venue did all the hard work for us. We just told them what we liked and didn't like. 

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    Uplighting and candles would be easiest. If they don't allow regular candles, you can get those flameless tea light things. My mom used them at Christmas since my nieces are still really little, and you can't even tell they aren't real when you put them in votive holders. Some of them flicker like a real candle.

    I also like the idea of using cheap PVC pipe and fabric, but that's a pretty big room to cover. I would stick to that if you want a backdrop for your head table and the photo area, but I wouldn't try to do the whole room.

  • I don't think the space looks bad! With your tables decorated and some candles I think it will look great! Maybe add some plants near the dance floor? Or hang some blown up pictures of the two of you from the eye hooks?
  • I agree with everybody who suggested uplighting and flameless candles.  Focus on the tables because, when guests are not dancing, all they really look at are the centerpieces anyway. 
    Best wishes to your dad.
  • Free standing back drop idea: It's just basic 2X4's and super easy to build (get your FH to do it!). Get some stain that'll look good in your room and a back drop that fits your theme (maybe a curtain, or different strips of fabric in your colors) and fill the shelves with nick nacks. You could even enlist some friends and have a crafting day to help fill the shelves. 

    It looks really rustic in the picture but it doesn't have to be :)
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    Ditto uplighting, candles, and centerpieces/ pretty tables.  That's all we're doing for our wedding.  I do love the look of small white Christmas lights or "fairy lights" around the edge of the ceiling if you can't do uplighting (but I think they wouldn't look great together, so I'd pick one or the other).

    Sending best wishes for your dad.
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