Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

I'm not sure if my guests are much of dancers. Our guest list is smaller, with a make-up of: age 5-10 (8), age 10-20 (2), age 20-30 (8), 30-40 (4), 40-80 (21). I am deciding between music options (dj, live band, or iDJ). I don't know if I should invest so much in music if guests are not much of dancers. What else can I do to get them moving or at least be entertained?

Re: Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

  • We had dueling pianos, and the dance floor was packed all night. Those who weren't dancing were singing along at their tables! It was right between a DJ and a live band, cost-wise. They DJed between sets so we still got some of the less-singable songs we wanted to hear, like the old-school hip-hop DH loves.

    On the off-chance you're located in any of the states they travel to, this is who we used.

  • For music, I know that most people love the Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, and the Chicken Dance. Those are the ones I can really think of that will most likely have everyone on the dance floor.

    For entertainment, if you'd like, maybe you can do a little contest thingy of musical chairs where the winner takes home a small prize (like a small bottle of liquor for the adults, and maybe a bag of goodies for the kiddies). If they're winning prizes, they'll probably want to participate.
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    I'm having a small wedding with mostly family and friends that I don't get to see often.
    I'm thinking of having an area to dance and then a lounge area (we are also thinking about hiring a coffee or espresso fun!)
    If you guys met at an arcade or your favorite thing to do is to go karaoke, then, it makes sense to tie things like that into the reception.

    But besides that and maybe coloring stuff or fun (simple/easy) crafts for the kiddos, Its a party and its about visiting. So as long as people like to hang out and converse, I don't think there should be a problem at all.

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