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Your love story

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I love love stories! Let's share! My FI and I met at our college's 2009 homecoming game. We've been inseparable ever since but never bothered to learn our meeting date. He proposed this April and we started looking at venues. We decided on the perfect venue and picked October 3rd for our date because it was one of the only fall dates available. After we booked it, my mom said, "hey, didn't you meet in October?!" FI thought it was in September and I thought it was October 6th or 7th... The. We googled "[college] homecoming 2009"... The date was October 3! So basically October 3 has been our date all along, even though we didn't know it!

Re: Your love story

  • my fiance and I are high school sweethearts. we had a class together in freshman year but I didn't really meet him until the end of sophmore year. We went on our first date on 11/6/07 and will be getting married 10/10/15 :)
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  • We met online and it was love at first sight. We have been together ever since.
  • FI and I are high school sweethearts, but we went to rival schools. We met through our brothers/ where we used to work, but didn't start to date until 6 months later because I'm a little shy. We started dating on 10/25/2008 after my homecoming dance, and he proposed last Christmas Eve.

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  • Your stories are all awesome! <3 my October '15 brides!
  • Met my fiance on OKCupid.  He had a comment on his profile about the Oxford Comma so I messaged him (grammar geek.)  Exchanged a few messages and he asked me out.  I completely forgot and ignored it for 4 days.  Had a terrible second date on a sunday night.  Monday after work, went on OKCupid again, saw the message from now FI, apologized and asked if he wanted to grab a drink that night.  He left work 10 mins later.  Turns out we lived on the same street but opposite ends of manhattan so we met in the middle.  After a 5 hour first date and a 7 hour second date 2 days later, we knew it was pretty special.  I met his 2 kids about 4 months later and we've really been a family ever since!  

  • @lacqueredlove I love how you messaged him simply because of grammar! As a current English major, I can definitely appreciate that. :)

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  • @lacqueredlove I love how you messaged him simply because of grammar! As a current English major, I can definitely appreciate that. :)
    Haha yeah well we were both Journalism majors in college (now I'm a blogger and he is the EIC of a newspaper for kids) so grammar is quite important to us!

  • I LOVE telling our story.

    Future hubby and I technically met on OkCupid, but...

    I had been working at my job for about 2 years. I would always hear coworkers talk about a guy that used to work there and how funny and great he was. He even came to visit a few times while I was there, but of course I was completely OBLIVIOUS. I even had three different people tell me that we should meet and would probably hit it off, but never said much other than that. Fast forward a year or so and I decided to give online dating a try. I recieve a message one morning on OkCupid and there he was. He was totally unaware of the fact that I worked there and had a few of the same friends. He messaged me completely on his own. I noticed his name first (it isn't a common name) and then his profile pic. I responded by saying that I knew who he was and how. We chatted for the next two days until we met in person. We've been inseperable ever since!

  • I was going through my divorce at the time, and my FI (who was my friend prior to the divorce) offered his support. It just grew from there, and we officially started dating on 11/30/2010. Getting married on 10/1/2015. :)
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  • We meet on OKCupid too!!!!!
  • We meet on OKCupid too!!!!!
  • I always think it's amazing how the Internet has changed socializing so much. Sometimes for the worse (I'm looking at you, people who are out with friends and all staring at their phones), sometimes for the better.

    In addition to the many who say they met their now fiances on OKCupid, you can add my FI and I!

    One of my best friends (and bridesmaids) had joined OKCupid and mentioned that she had a couple of mildly successful dates, a couple of bad ones, and a couple of really interesting messages from very strange people. She hadn't had any great luck herself, but she suggested that I join as well, even if it was just a way to meet new friends.  I thought about it for some time (I had just broken up with my first long-term boyfriend a few months before) and came to the conclusion that I would give it a try.  I had a few close friends in town (the kind where our idea of socializing is going to a bar and only talking to each other) and work in a very small setting (lots of people around, but I only have one co-worker that I actually see on a daily basis) so I figured how else was I going to meet people.

    I had been on the site for a week before I met my now fiance.  He had been on the site for awhile himself, but never had the motivation to actually try to get in touch with someone he was interested in...until he read my profile.  We message back and forth a few times and found out that we worked in the same hospital.  We had probably seen each other multiple times and not even known it.  We had our first meeting/date all set up, until I got food poisoning and had to cancel.  Being the understanding and wonderful man that he is, he agreed to meet up the following day. No judgment, no "she's backing out and we haven't even met."

    That first meet-up lasted about four hours and I haven't looked back since. :)
  • Sorry this is a long and confusing one.  You can all decide how you feel about this story. Some people like to tell me I was in the wrong on this, but at the end of it, I have the man of my dreams by my side.

    So the summer of 2011 I got my first internship with my current company. I was a sophomore going to be junior in college.  FI also works for this company in a completely different department.  That summer I met a fellow female engineer, were just going to go with BSC to refer to her, with similar interests and we always got along really well.  FI had seen me across the lunch room, and would mention me periodically to his co-workers.

    Summer of 2012, I work another internship for the company.  This summer I don't have anywhere in the area to stay, so I talk to BSC. Turns out shes got a house she bought with an ex, and she could use a roommate. PERFECT - or so I thought.  Turns out she had 5 weeks of vacation and work travel planned that summer.  I was only staying with her for 12 weeks. 

    She has a 3 bedroom house, and a 5 year old siberian husky.  I love Roxy (the dog), but I was not prepared to have to pay rent that summer to take care of BSC's house and dog while she was gone most of the time.  I also found out around that time that BSC was in fact BSC.  Shortly before I came around that summer, now FI, had starting talking to BSC and they were "dating".  She was a serial dater. 

    She was "dating" FI, so that meant sleeping with him, and getting him to buy trips and things for them to go on. She was also sleeping with another one of her friends at that time.  Then there was an ex of hers that she would sleep with. Then a contracted worker at our site that was working under her.  Then at the end of all this, she deicdes shes going to be exclusive with a 5th guy.  Meanwhile FI is such a hopeless romantic he was still trying.  Right before she started to really date guy number 5, FI had booked a trip into NYC.  Hotel, Dinner, Cirque Du Soleil.  She tells FI about 3 days before they are supposed to go to NYC that she has this actual BF, but the BF said its okay and she can still go to the city with FI, as they're just friends.

    FI gets mad at this, as this is not the first time BSC had jerked him around.  She gets mad because FI is overreacting and she "has told him in the past it was just fun and she loves his as a friend but will never be in love with him".  Meanwhile all this time I'm just house and dog sitting (while paying her my rent) and watching this all go down.  While also being third wheel on many outings and weekends (the only time she was around) with her and various guys, FI included.

    So a few weeks later, shes away again, and I'm home in her house with Roxy.  I post on FB for someone to come keep me and Roxy company and grab food.  FI responds.  We go out to BWWs and have a good time (I knew he was a great guy, and knew this could cause trouble but had no intentions at this point), and she calls me in the middle of our dinner while she had a break during her conference.  I tell her I'm grabbing dinner with FI and she freaks out (mind you, she still has other BF at this point).  

    Another week later, after we had grabbed dinner mid week, I invite FI to come with me to a friends birthday party.  Now I'm starting to really like him.  He obliges.  Turns out BSC had the neighbor (she had also previously slept with) watching her driveway and when the neighbor saw FIs car there, he called her.  She calls and wakes us up.  FI had stayed more to take care of drunk me than to try anything.  Tells me to get him off her property, then calls again 10 minutes later and tells me to pack up and get out of her house.

    Well now I had no where to go, and 3 weeks left to work. I call FI, he invites me to stay with him and his brother.  We have been inseparable ever since. She will no longer talk to either of us.

    At the end of the day, she was messing with FIs head, and i still feel a little remorse, but I am now set to marry the man of my dreams.  10/10/15 cannot come fast enough.  I cant wait to be Mrs. FI.
  • We started out following each other's blogs. We would send messages back and forth because we talked about the same topics and realized we had a lot in common. This went on for a few months, and then one day, we decided to meet up for the first time... on Easter Sunday! Both of us were feeling alone for the holiday, so we decided to celebrate in our own way by going for a walk and eating Mexican takeout. Very unconventional first date, but it was love at first sight. And the butterflies still haven't gone away. :)
    (formerly rusticbride27)

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  • Hey all! Haven't really introduced myself yet, but love this thread....

    FI and I met online...Zoosk...last February.  I was going through a nasty divorce and was in the process of preparing to move 600+ miles away for the final year of my graduate program (from Indianapolis to Little Rock).  A fellow grad student recommended that I try an online dating app to just start meeting people in my new city.  Within about 2 weeks, and after weeding through the freaks, I got a message from now FI.  We started talking on the app, and there was immediate chemistry.  The funny thing about it was that he wasn't even from my new city.  He hadn't narrowed down his search area.  So, he was actually from 7+ hours away from my Little Rock, living in South Mississippi. 

    Within about 1 month of us talking...every day, for hours at a time...we knew this was something special.  On my trip to "scout" for an apartment in Little Rock last March, we met to see if what we felt on the phone was the same in person.....and it was :-) It was love at first speak, and if it's possible to be better than that, it was once we saw each other!

    I moved to Little Rock in May, and prior to starting my final year of grad school in June, I spent 3 weeks with him in South Mississippi. It was amazing, and I knew that I'd be with him forever.  I wish I'd met him 10 years ago and saved myself the frustration and heartache from marriage #1 :-)

    He proposed over Thanksgiving and now we are planning to elope in October in the Smoky Mountains! 
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