Hair and makeup services in the Milwaukee area

Hi everyone! Im looking for suggestions for affordable bridal hair and makeup services in Milwaukee. I do not need it on site, I could go to the salon the morning of the wedding.

Re: Hair and makeup services in the Milwaukee area

  • Hi! I'm in Milwaukee and I'm using Lisa Boettcher Makeup. She is an independent make-up artist and I found her at a bridal show. She's very sweet and I think she's worth checking out. I had a trial with her, it was reasonable. Check out her Facebook page.

    Do you have a date and venue yet?
  • It will be at the Astor hotel in downtown on oct 31st. I really dont want to spend much on just hair and makeup... Could you tell me more about her rates?
  • Check out her Facebook page, she advertises her current rates. She's super nice and I think, compared to many salons, her pricing is so reasonable. 

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