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Differences in up lighting?

Does anyone know if the lights used by different companies are all the same or is there a difference? There is a considerable price difference between my DJ company and the rental company I want to use for linen/chair covers. I am worried though that the rental company lights may not be as nice as DJ company's? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Re: Differences in up lighting?

  • The difference in price is may be that the DJ is already there setting up their equipment so they aren't adding a seperate charge for the delivery & set up. Our DJ had a display of his different types of lights for customers to see & then pick from. Check to see if you DJ and the rental company could set up one or two of the lights for you to view to see.

  • I would care more about which companies you're dealing with and the experiences from other brides.  Uplighting is uplighting...it's not a complicated thing.

  • @mlg78 why do you always have to have a bitchy response? "uplighting is uplighting...it's not a complicated thing." you sound like a bitch. She is just asking a question she is unsure about so don't try to make her feel stupid. 
    kkaluscak the DJ maybe more expensive because they are convenient. If you are working with both vendors anyway you might as well ask to see both and compare and if you like both go with the cheaper one.  
  • rbanfie2

    @mlg78 often times your comments come off a little judgey and to be honest, bitchy. I'm not sure if that is your intent but they come across that way. I understand that you are tying to be helpful but it really isn't. 
  • @rbanfie2 and @schallerre--thanks for the helpful info 

    @mlg78 i'm not sure that i would agree that uplighting is uplighting, which is why i am asking.  i'm actually looking for a specific hue of amber, which i dont know that all equipment can do, and i'm also not sure that all lights are of the same quality  

  • The fixtures used for uplighting are certainly not all the same, and that is why you will see a wide variation in price for this service.  The fixtures used for uplighting cost from around $60ea to over $500 each.  The difference in these fixtures can make a HUGE difference in the end result at your reception.  Generally, the more expensive fixtures are brighter, which gives a much better effect in a brighter room with windows.  These fixtures also offer a better ability to produce certain colors.  The cheaper fixtures use a combination of Red, Green and Blue light to create the desired color.  Many of the more expensive fixtures also use Amber, White and UV light to help create pastels, deep purples, gold and champagne colors.  The more expensive fixtures are often battery powered as well, which allows them to be setup anywhere, without a mess of power cords running all over the venue that look unsightly and can be a trip hazard to your guests. 

    Bottom Line, if you're in a venue with no windows and you want an easy to achieve color, then the cheaper options will likely work well.  However, with the color you are looking for (Amber) then it will be very difficult to achieve with the cheaper options. 

    If you'd like, I'd be happy to go into some of the more technical details with you and help you come up with some questions to ask potential uplighting providers to make sure they can deliver your desired result.

  • @GoodVibe DJ---thanks so much, my DJ company does uplighting but is a bit pricey compared to other companies I've seen.  But after reading your post, I think I might go with the DJ company instead of risking it.  
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