coffee or mini champagne

Hi...getting married Dec 27, 2014. I'm trying to decide bt 2 things...personalized bags of coffee (enough to make 1 pot) or mini bottles of champagne...not everyone likes coffee but the same goes for champagne so I'm not sure which would be most appreciated. Thoughts please!  Also would it look weird if I just got some of both and had guests pick bt the 2 from the favor table on the way out? Thanks!

Re: coffee or mini champagne

  • I don't think it would be that weird to allow guests to choose between two gifts- but I would be afraid that people would take both.  

    I like the champagne bottles, especially since it's end of December and close to the New Year. Seems very appropriate for that time of year.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I would like both, but I agree about champagne for the time of year.
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  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    Champagne seems more celebratory. So I'd like that.
  • Since your wedding is close to NYE and at a very festive time of year, I'd go with champagne.

  • my vote is for champagne
  • vote for champagne
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I don't usually care for champagne, especially if it's cheap.  I do love coffee though!
  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    I'm doing champagne for mine, so obviously my vote is for that. I am also having mini bottles of sparkling apple cider for those who don't drink, though.


  • classicalandedgyclassicalandedgy Connecticut member
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    My vote is for champagne too...  But then again I'm partial as that's my favor too.  I'm doing champagne bubbles/ lollipops for the kids.




  • OP, First of all, I see that you have already gotten married, so CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I hope it went perfectly.  I'm just curious, did you go with the idea of giving out both coffee and champagne?  Interestingly, both items will feature prominently in our reception.  We are getting married in an old coffee warehouse in New Orleans and are serving up beignet and cafe au lait as well as a signature champagne cocktail.  We both thrive on both substances and were thinking of both items as favors.  Did you do both?  Did it go over well, if so?  Once again, congratulations!  
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