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Father Daughter Dance :) suggestions?? my dad and I aren't emotionally close

Hi everyone...
I need suggestions for the father daughter dance, as I really want a song that shows how my dad is so special to me and encapsulates our relationship. The first dance with my future husband wasn't hard. We are doing "I will be here" by Steven Curtis Chapman. It really shows the essence of our relationship and who we are and hope to be for each other. With my dad it's harder since he's not an emotional person. We don't have that much of an emotional connection, and aren't that close, yet he is so doing, so giving, he even homeschooled me for years, always took time to do things for the family and provide a spiritual foundation. He is a doing kind of person. So giving. The real foundation of the family. Its gonna be awkward since we barely even hug, but I want to honor my wonderful dad and dance with him. Any suggestions? Possibly Christian songs since we are Christians, and it's a very Christian wedding, but nothing too sappy or emotional because that isn't us. Thanks so much!!!


Re: Father Daughter Dance :) suggestions?? my dad and I aren't emotionally close

  • Perhaps I should give my dad suggestions, and he can choose so it comes from him. I loved Heartlands, "I loved Her First", but it's too emotional for us I think.
  • You've got a Friend - James Taylor
    A cover of You are My Sunshine - Johnny Cash or Frank Turner come to mind (for me, and I'm sure Third Day or someone has done this...)

    My Darling - Wilco

    While you were sleeping - Elvis Perkins

    Fathers and Daughters -Paul Simon

    Just the Way  you are - Billy Joel

    I Wish you Love - Sinatra   

    Also, my parents are divorced and I always spent the summers with my dad, so (If I were doing the "dances" part of the reception) I may choose something about summers or being little or going to the beach or something else that we used to do a lot. 

    good luck!!
  • "Big Wedding Day" It's Perfect.
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