Finding the right venue- Pun Nuptials

All we want is a very small intimate chapel wedding. I was thinking about Pun Nuptials here in the LV, but did want some feedback on anyone who has used their services before. The have a small church and a really small additional space to actually do the ceremony. It's hugely important for my family and friends to witness our happiness....anyone have anything on this vendor? I really don't want this to turn into a huge expense. Am looking for a November I need in inside venue....

Re: Finding the right venue- Pun Nuptials

  • So I'm late to this and not sure if you've already got your answer. However, I have 3 different friends that have used Pun Nuptials for their weddings and had nothing but good things to say. That said, they did not use Pun's church, these were held at different venues.  But as far as the people conducting the ceremony, I don't think you can go wrong with them!
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  • Pun Nuptials do a very nice job.  Very professional and very nice.
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