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Beginning my search for a makeup artist in the Boston area - has anyone had someone they loved that you'd recommend? 

Also, any tips? How far in advance should I select a makeup artist?


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    I've heard good things about Kacie Corbelle. I haven't personally used her but she teams up a lot with the person I'm using for hair, and have seen a lot of photos from wedding she's done. Everyone always looks great. 

    Good luck!
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  • The ladies at Sarra in South Boston are wonderful! I go to Jen for my brows and she will sometimes do my make up as an added bonus  and she's awesome! She does several weddings, but I would book at least 6 months in advance.  I've already booked for my wedding next Sept.

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    Liz Fuller did my wedding make-up and she was AMAZING. I think I booked her about 5-6 months in advance, but I don't remember. She's based in Hingham, so I had to go there for the make-up trial, but she came to my apartment to do my make-up on the day of my wedding.

    She's really wonderful if you want to look like the prettiest version of yourself, and not look like (or feel like) you have a lot of make-up on. It didn't feel like I had any foundation on, and yet my skin looked flawless. My make-up lasted the entire day, even through my happy tears. Highly, highly recommend!
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  • wow, thanks ladies for the recommendations!
  • I used Krisann Kiley

    She was great, lots of fun, did an awesome job, comes to you.  Also, she didn't have a minimum number of people or minimum price that you had to meet, which was great because my bridesmaids didn't want their makeup done.
  • I used Liz Fuller too.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!  She just did my sister's makeup for her wedding last month!  And her maid of honor had an accident where she had been burned on her neck and Liz magically made it look undetectable!  Seriously awesome!
  • I agree about Liz.  I had my trial done a few weeks ago and booked her on the spot!  I had another appointment booked elsewhere but canceled after I saw Liz.  She did an amazing job!  I don't wear a lot of makeup and she just made me look so beautiful and she did it with a minimal of products.  I don't know how she did it!  Can't go wrong with her.
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