Videographers under $1k

Does anyone know any videographers that are less than $1k for a wedding ceremony and reception? TIA!

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  • Sadly the cheapest place I found was about $1700 for 8 hrs, and I looked at MANY places.

    One idea is to contact your local high school or university and see if they'll put up a posting for a student to film it for you--you may be able to get away with $50-$100/hr for that. Alot of the local schools have film programs and some of the kids are REALLY good videographers. Your editing may not be that great (if they do any), but for that budget, it might be a good deal.
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    Hey Jodyk23, I'm actually a wedding videographer that works for some really good companys around here. I can tell you right now that you dont want to go cheap. You get what you pay for, The video is the thing you look back on 20years from now. That is the thing i hear most from people, i hate my photos or video. I ask who they hired, they usually say, oh this guys brothers(or something like that).

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  • Thanks, I found someone in my price range that does quality work.

  • jodyk23, who were you able to find?  I'd also like to find someone within my budget.  Thanks!
  • aaserendipity - sent you a PM

  • Hi jodyk23- would you mind telling me who you found too? Thanks!
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