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Justice of the Peace

My FH want's a small wedding, and would be happy with a justice of the peace. Both 2nd marriages, and my first we eloped. 
I really want a traditional, but it does NOT have to be huge. Just want to walk down the isle with our family and friends and NOT break the bank!
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Re: Justice of the Peace

  • How important is a small wedding for you FH? Sounds like a traditional wedding is really important to you, so if he doesn't feel strongly, go with what you want. 

    I would do some research on churches or ceremony sites and figure out what you can spend. Maybe present options to your FH if he is concerned on the cost.

    In my experience so far, the reception is generally more expensive and the ceremony can be done pretty cheap. 
  • 714hbbride714hbbride member
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    What if you have a friend officiate? Can still keep it intimate that way but have a ceremony where you can walk down the aisle.  

    ETA: There are several websites where you can get ordained for free if you go that route. 
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  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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    First of all, talk with your FH to find out why it is that he wants to have a small wedding with a JOP, and how important it is to him. Then see how much you can compromise. There are plenty of ways to keep costs down, so you could have a lovely, affordable wedding with your closest family and friends. These boards have tons of great suggestions for budget weddings, so look around and feel free to ask questions.
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  • allison09allison09 Newfoundland, Canada member
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    This is also 2nd marriages for myself and FH. We decided to have a destination wedding, just the 2 of us, and then do a celebration party when we come back. That could be an option for you. You get the intimate wedding, and still have the option to have everyone together for the party.
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  • Talk to him and see how set he is on a justice of the peace wedding, tell him your thoughts, and then see if there's any wiggle room in his vision. If it's for budget reasons, there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down and still have a nice wedding. If you can keep the guest list small, you could do a small, intimate wedding like this, with both the ceremony and dinner reception held in a cool restaurant. 

    My first wedding was at the court house with my immediate family in attendance, and later we had a celebration dinner at a restaurant for about 30 friends and family. That could be another option for you guys. 

    I will say that I regretted having such a small affair the first time around. I'm going to remarry and we plan to have a real celebration with all of the traditional fixings. We want our friends and family there to rock out and celebrate with us! In the end, it really depends on what both of you can be happy with since this is a big day in your life. 
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    My wedding was my first and DH's second. He would have been fine just going to the courthouse, but I wanted a bigger, more traditional wedding. We compromised and had a lovely, traditional wedding with only immediate family and a few close friends. We ended up with about 35 guests and it was perfect for us. Is that something you would consider?
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    Well, the smaller your wedding, the easier it is to control your costs, so if you're concerned about keeping it inexpensive, that's the way to go. What about a small ceremony and reception of only close friends and family? Would your FI go for that? Then he still has the small wedding, and you get to walk down the aisle. 
  • What about justice of the peace but at a local park with just your family & closest friends. Then you can host them at a private room in a local resturant or even back at your home if you can accomodate that.
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