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    Does your FI want to incorporate his interests into your wedding decor?

    I have been to many weddings where the couple did not incorporate their separate interests into the wedding decor.  Instead they just chose things that were pretty and that they liked and made sure to host their guests well.

    But if you really want to have something that represents your FI hobbies, you could always get him a grooms cake that has an outdoorsy theme.

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    Is it really necessary? What does he think? My H just wanted to know what we were having to eat.
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    how about a groom's cake?

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Well, there's the groom's cake, as PPs have said.

    Perhaps you could also have potted plants of the type he is accustomed to seeing out of doors, if the venue approves and they can be potted indoors, and perhaps include in the menu fish or game if your budget and the venue allow for them...and, of course, if your FI wants to do it. Talk to him first. If he's on board, talk to your venue.
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    You can have a 'nature' element to your wedding while still keeping it classy and elegant. Maybe you could try moss or branches in your centerpieces, and subdued, natural colors instead of brights or pastels. Also, you could choose a venue with an outdoorsy setting rather than, say, a hotel or banquet center. And maybe a s'mores bar? (Camping? Idk I just love s'mores haha). Good luck!
  • Are your interests incorporated into the wedding?  What's wrong with having a wedding-themed wedding?
  • I don't think it's necessary for a couple's interests to be incorporated, even though all the happy wedding planning sites suggest the possibility.
    I suggest that both parties are interested in a great wedding. Good enough.
  • What about a cake topper involving something you and your FH like to do? 

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    Register for camo bedding.


  • Register for camo bedding.

    I feel like I've seen a reference to this as something that went down here before I started lurking/participating. 

    Anyway, when FI and I were registering at BB&B we asked the sales associate if any couple had gotten into a fight while registering. She told us a bride stormed out of the store after a Jerry Springer style fight because her groom asked for one thing and one thing only. Camo bedding. She left his ass in the store over that! 

    I wonder how that union is going. 
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    My daughter and her huband played ice hockey in hs and college (so did the MOH and BM).  they had a formal wedding with some hockey accents. some were just pictures they wanted taken like  the ring on the skate and the 4 of them with hockey sticks.

    Then she had a NY Ranger garter (i made it with ribbon ordered on etsy), a stanley cup ice sculpture and a silver hockey cake topper (from etsy).  the grooms cake was golf themed.



    So hints of hockey but nothing "in your face" about it.
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    My hubby surprised me by switching his tux vest / tie halfway through the reception into an outdoorsman one. I loved it!  It was after all the formal pictures were done.  Who says the bride is the only one who can make a wardrobe change?  (The pic is of my reaction when I saw him)image
  • Most weddings include at least a few funny pictures for your album. Maybe instead of some of the more classic shots you could include some with a hunting or fishing theme.

    Does your fiance or his family have land where they usually go to hunt or fish? You could take some photos there before your wedding and incorporate them into the day.

    Including animals or natural elements in your decorations could also very easily add an "outdoors" vibe without being informal. Maybe add a bit of greenery to your centerpieces or use a natural wood stand for your cake? A deer cake topper could be romantic while still hinting at his interests too.

    You could also add some accents like plaid ribbon or fabric to your decorations to hint at hunting outfits. That would probably be a lot more formal than neon orange.
  • My FI and I are both into hunting, fishing, and outdoors. To bring it in we are going to have the green camo vests (with my FI wearing white), and the centerpieces are going to be a thin wood slab with candles and greenery. Nothing over the top but something that reflects us as a couple.

     We both have separate interests and will not be bringing that into it. 
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