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Hi Brides

Looking for some suggestions on affordable DJ's, Photographers, Florists, etc. Newly engaged & wedding planning for a New Years Eve wedding & would love to get some input for everyone.

Hoping to stay around a $25,000 budget.

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  • Hi!  

    We are using After Hours for the dj, Studio 27 for photo, and Flowers by Burton in Melville.

    DJ wise we didn't end up checking anyone else out, we had already been to two weddings that used them so we already liked them, and then the price was reasonable so we just booked. But from what friends of mine have told me they are paying elsewhere I think we definitely got a great deal!

    We checked out 3 different photographers -Studio 27, JayLim, and Park Ave. For what we wanted they were all pretty comparable in price (give or take a few things here and there.) We knew that we would end up spending the most on the pictures, but weren't able to pay an absolute fortune, and I think that we really lucked out finding them -from what I have seen so far they are exactly what I was looking for, and everyone has been so friendly and helpful!

    I highly recommend checking out Flowers By Burton in Melville. A friend of mine told me as soon as we got engaged to call them (I was a BM in her wedding and I remember the flowers being beautiful) We were literally in and out in about 15 minutes  - I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and he was so accommodating & helpful  -made a few suggestions, but didn't try to talk me out of/into anything. And the price was amazing! We aren't doing centerpieces so I'm sure that helped a lot. We are getting my bouquet, 6 BM bouquets, a flower girl bouquet, 10 boutonnieres, 3 corsages, and they are also giving us the toss bouquet and its all costing under $800! Again, I didn't check out prices anywhere else, but from what I had read on message boards, and tips from friends I was expecting it cost at least double.

    Hope some of this info helps. Good luck!
  • Thank you for all your information! 

    What photographer did you choose? 
    & we're not doing centerpeices either, I will def check out that flower place for our bouquets/boutonneires. 

    Am i missing anything else? This planning really is a lot of fun.

  • Studio 27 is the photographer. They are in Massapequa.

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    I'm using Verbena Designs for my florist - they're not cheap, but prices are reasonable and the owner is absolutely lovely to deal with. Her reviews are fantastic as well. 

    Our photographer is Ina McConnell - I'm spending less than many of my friends are on photographer, but IMO am getting much higher quality. You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to get fantastic photographer, I was happy to discover!

    For rentals we are using Empire Tent Rental - prices are comparable to other rental companies, but I've heard the quality and appearance of their items is higher (tents are perfectly clean, no chipped/scratched plates, etc.)

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  • Hi For DJ you check after hour, MB Entertainment, New York Nights Entertainment and bravura ent. They price are affordable. We check out 3 different photographer we look at Elssol Production, heartfelt foto, and angel project. Florist you should check flower by brain and pedestal floral decorators..
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    Where on the East End? North shore or South Shore?
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    Thank you everyone for your input! We're so happy we chose our venue, we're getting married NYE at the Hotel Indigo East End!

    I called Flowers By Burton, they were referred to me by a lot of other brides, unfortunately, they are closed for the last 2 weeks of the year & are unable to accomadate. I am meeting with a few Floriists in the mean time, Black Dhalia, Floral Designs by Nina, Rice & Roses, & Riverhead Florist. Anyone have any input?

    We chose our photographer after meeting with a handful of suggestions & people I did research on & we're are going with Foxlight Studios - I had a great vibe when I first met with them & I am looking forward to our engagement shoot.

    As far as DJ, I've narrowed it down to 3; East End Entertainment, reccomended by the hotel, Barratini Productions & Partners in Sound LI, both reccomended by friends. ANyone have any input?

    I've met with 1 of the 3 so far & would like to make a decision by the end of the month :)

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